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Kashmir Earthquake

No description

Aravind K

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of Kashmir Earthquake

Kashmir Earthquake 2005, 8 October 16:12 The death toll was over 74,000. 73,276 people died in Pakistan, 1,400 people died in Indian-administered Kashmir and 4 people died Afghanistan. The magnitude of the earthquake was 7.6 The epicenter of the earthquake was in the Pakistan administered part of Kashmir. One of the effects of the earthquake were aftershocks causing even more damage. Landslides also occurred but were over after it rolled a distance of as little as 2 km. After the earthquake 4 million people were left homeless. Many diseases were spread. The two plates that caused the earthquake was the Indian plate and the Eurasian plate. Eurasian Plate Indian Plate One of the reasons for many people dying was that Pakistan wasn't prepared for the earthquake. Many of the buildings weren't built to withstand an earthquake. Another reason were the aftershocks that went up to 4.0. Aravind Kokkranikal by Short Term Impacts One of the short term impacts was that 74 thousand people died during the earthquake. Some parts of the village Balakot slid down the hillside and blocked the main road below. Many roads were blocked because of landslides. Many cracks appeared in the ground. Many buildings collapsed like the Margalla Towers and school buildings that collapsed on children. Long Term Impacts 3.5 million people became homeless. It would take a long time to repair all the damages. People living without different body parts e.g. legs. Some villages were completely buried from landslides.
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