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world war 2

No description

Erika Bogue

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of world war 2

The Road to World War 2 By: Erika Bogue Treaty of Versailles U.S. Depression Mein Kampf How the Nazi party began Hitler becomes a dictator Enabling Act At the end of world war one on November, 11 1918 the countries that participated in the war gathered at Versailles to decide who to punish and how to prevent future wars like ww2. President Woodrow Wilson wanted to treat Germany fairly. The other nations however blamed the whole thing on Germany and wanted their Vengeance. The U.S. depression started in 1929. It left many people poor and out of work. During this time America was unable to continue lending money to Germany. This meant that Germany could not pay the war reparations that they owed to France and England. Mein Kampf was a book that Adolf Hitler wrote after he had unsucessfully atempted to over throw Germany's government and was surving time in jail. The book contained Hitler's solutions to the problems Germans were facing during the 1920's. Hitler blamed Germany's weak government for the loss of the war. By 1933 Hitler with the help of the Nazi's had become the dictator of Germany. They struck quickly and suppressed all who opposed them. Hitler outlawed other political parties along with boy scouts and other teenage organizations. He sought out the teenagers and trained them to follow the beliefs of Hitler and the Nazis. After the war Hitlers activities helped him find a party called the Nazi's. The Nazi party was lead by a man named Anton Drexler. It was started somewhere around 1919. Anton Drexler realized that Hitler was special and put him in charge of political ideas and propaganda. The Nazi's began gaining popularity quickly. On March 23rd 1933 Hitler gained the power to make laws without consulting Reichstag. This was called the Enabling Act which lasted for 4 years. Munich Agreement Luftwaffe Conscription The Final Solution Kristallnacht Axis Alliance Italy Invades Abyssinia In September of 1938 the Munich agreement was signed. This gave Germany back Sudetenland but Germany had to agree not to take over any more land. This agreement was generally viewed as a way to prevent war and negotiate on peaceful terms. The Invasion of Poland Luftwaffe is the name for the German airforce. In the defience of the Treaty of Versailles Hitler ordered the reproduction of the Luftwaffe. He began the process on the 26 of February, 1935. During March in the year 1935 Hitler again defied the Treaty when he publicly ordered the rebuilding of his army. In the beginning of October in 1935 the King of Italy Invaded Abyssinia. They used chemicals and gained an unfair advantage. Abyssinia lost the battle in March of 1936. Italy took over and the land became an annexed by the Italians. On the night of November 9th 1938 an extension of the Holocaust occurred. More than 100 jews were murdered. Almost 20,000 jews from Austria and Germany taken captive and put in concentration camps. Synagogues were burned and windows in Jewish businesses were broken. On September 1, 1939 the war began. After signing a non agression pact with the Soviet Union a week earlier, Germany invaded Poland from the West while the Soviets took it from the East. Germans bombed the Polish town of Wielun killing about 1,200. This was the first of many battles in a long bloody war. This alliance became known as the Berlin- Rome-Tokyo axis alliance or more commonly known as the Axis Powers. The Tripartite Pact was signed on September 27, 1940. The alliance did not require the other countries to enter the war just to come to the aid of the others. In 1941 Reinhard Heydrich was chosen to carry out the " Final Solution " the master plan that was to all the Jwes under German authority. This was because the Jews were seen as an imperfect "race" in the eyes of some German leaders.
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