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Master thesis presentation

No description

Teun Scholtens

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Master thesis presentation

Managing Memories Master Thesis Defense Teun Scholtens 24 Sept. 2012 Presentation Program Introduction Theoretical Background Design of the Experiment Results Implementation Research Limitations Future Studies and Possibilities Generation effect and the relation with Interactive Advertisement Generation effect in an interactive television setting Implementation of findings Sub Questions: 'Can we improve memory performance by making use of self generated interactive television advertisements' ? Main Question: Motivation Introduction Theoretical Background General Brain and memory Theories The Generation Effect Interactive (television) Advertising General Brain and memory Theories The Generation Effect Interactive (television) Advertising Design of the Experiment Handing out free coffee Static Treatment Interactive Treatment H0: viewers of the static movie remember on average the same amount of product benefits as the interactive viewers H1: viewers of the interactive movie remember on average more product benefits as the static viewers Hypothesis to Test Actual Design Considerations Place
no Instructions
no cross influencing on moment of coffee hand out
Time Frame
Identical Procedures
Collecting the Data
Visual and Verbal Presentation
Different versions of Static Movie
'Zeigarnik effect'
'Google effect' Implementation Importance: interaction persuasion Follow up commercials
More specific thought Examples: Games
Information choice options Research Limitations and Errors Future Studies and Opportunities Customer Based Brand Equity: resonance and awareness Associative Network Model Motivation and the Ability to process information Problem Solving: Jacoby, 1978 the Generation Effect: Slamecka and Graf, 1978 Cognitive Effort or ''Generating'' itself ‘The generation effect in advertising appeals’
Moore et al. , 1986 ''paid and unpaid presentation and promotion of products, services and ideas by an identified sponsor through mediated means involving MUTUAL ACTION between consumers and producers" Television Commercials lot of research to be done into mental reasoning behind interaction effects Monitoring Television usage at home
Actual Buying behavior
Investigate relationship
including variables
Neuromarketing: other theories Formats and effectiveness Nothing about the relationship between factors
Relatively weak generation
Effect isolation Free recall vs Recognition Preference excluding Games Filling in the Numbers I do the laundry 7 times a week, and product X saves me 20 euro a week I do the laundry ... times a week, this makes that product X saves you a total amount of ... euro
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