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Learning Management Systems

Unit 7 EDCI 570

Mattie Walton

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Learning Management Systems

Learning Management System A look at the strengths and weaknesses of Canvas and BrainHoney How LMS can be added into the face-to-face classroom:
Assign projects and homework to be worked on and submitted
Grades can be accessed by students and parents regularly
Online materials, like video,articles, and links can be made available to support classroom learning
Assessment and meeting of standards/common core is integrated into LMS Learning Management Systems Strengths:
Simple, easy to navigate design for educator and student
Rubric for grading is posted with each submission of work
ePortfolio allows for display of exceptional work or examples
Integrates well is many other sources--video, blog, google apps, etc. Canvas Strengths:
Standards can be integrated and monitored with ease
Data is available with the submission of discussions, like any responses made to it, time worked, etc.
Notes can be made "to self" on a student's work and critical students identified
With the submission of assignments and posts is the rubric for grading
Courses can be started fresh, imported, or copied for another session BrainHoney Weaknesses:
A more mechanical layout
Appears to lack a signaling system (i.e. new emails, notifications, etc.) BrainHoney Weaknesses
Seems to be a new enough LMS that it is difficult to find "how to" materials
Editing materials seems difficult; unsure if edit has been saved
From reading other sources, it seems that it can be buggy Canvas additional information gained from The State of Tech http://www.thestateoftech.org/2012/06/episode-17-podcast-learning-management.html
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