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Perhaps the most important part. Do it right, and everybody will love your design solution. DO a plain jane powerpoint, and you will put people to sleep.

Fred Knoch

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of Presentation!

Presenting! Problem Solution Presentation Problem Solution Design Methodology Research Ideation Prototyping Evaluating This process is very much user centered: Time is spend in developing an understanding of the client's needs, desires, values, actions. What about the presentation? Design Methodology Design Methodology This too is a design problem! Problem: Problem: What is the best way to the solution to the client? Every solution to a design problem has compontents wheels suspension interior trunk engine dashboard Visual Written Nonverbal Verbal imagery of slides/posters; graphics; models, prototypes text on slides/poster, handouts appearance, attitude, and body language of the presenter; atmosphere, setting, mood of the place spoken words - talking Visual Written Verbal Nonverbal text as image speaker image, room atmosphere gestures body language spoken words Presentation Components Presentation as Design Context Technology Communication Modes and Techniques Audience - How many people, what are their backgrounds, what brings them to your presentation Venue - What technology is avail? What is the location of the screen in relation to the speaker and audience? How does the sound travel in the room? Time - How much time is available? How many presentations has the audience already sat through? Platforms: Mac or PC Software: PowerPoint, Prezi, Flash, iMovie, Garage Band,... Equipment: Projector, speaker, microphone, lighting, smoke machine,... What are the guidelines for verbal language? What are the guidelines for compostion and manipulation of visual elements? Techniques for public speaking? My design is cool and stuff. Um yeah... Elements to consider Examples We know creativity, design thinking and the design methodology. Why not apply your abilities and techniques to the presentation? We are visual creatures. The presentation is an opportunity to verbalize and visualize the product's process as a whole, to package and sell the work, to shape the way the product is viewed. Why Design? We have to make our presentations better than everybody else!!!! (Business students, engineers...) based on work by Carolina Gill, Ruth Cutts
Georgia Institute of Technology "Applying Design Methodology to PowerPoint" IDSA NEC 2003 Papers http://vimeo.com/10442670 How to communicate the design solution to the intented audience in a way that is clear and compelling.
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