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Lindsey Brown

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of 3-2-1

Ch.3 Assessment and Intervention
By: Lindsey Brown

3 Things I Learned
I learned that an anecdotal record is a written account of incidents in the classroom.
I have always been told by my other professors to keep written records, I just didn't know the technical name.
This a great method to keep up with your students behaviors or progress in certain areas. p.92
3 Things I Learned
Informal reading inventories(IRIs) is a method to see a student's strengths and weaknesses in word recognition and comprehension.
This process is made up of oral and silent reading.
Once they have read the passage aloud and silently they then are asked questions to see their comprehension.p.103
3 Things I Learned
Reading miscue inventory (RMI) is another process that analyzes the miscues by the students.
Miscues are unexpected responses given by the student like hesitation or word substitution.
This allows teachers to understand the rationale behind the students miscues. p. 104
2 Connections I Made
I already knew about portfolios and how they worked. When I graduated from High School I was given back my own portfolio of papers.
It was cool to look back and see how my writing skills had improved. p.97
2 Connections I Made
Retelling is basically asking a student to put a reading passage into their own words.
I made a connection with this because throughout my school years I have always been asked to do this.
Personally, I think it is a great way for students to improve one sequencing events. p.95
1 Thing I Want To Learn More About
I would like to know more about RTI and how it works in the classroom.
Throughout college I have heard this term many times, but I would like to learn about the fine details of this method. p110
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