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Zachary Ladowski

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By : Zachary Ladowski And Colby Cross Harriet Tubman Harrets Childhood Her Escape Her Runaways After The War During the War Harriets Awards Differences between Harriet and Fredrick Douglas Harriet Tubman one of 11 children from there house.
Her real name was Araminta Ross amd was born in Maryland. At a young age she got a scar from her owner when she refused to help the punishment of young slave. Her job as a slave was a nursemaid, a job where a slave was to watch the mothers baby. Well.... To cover ground faster for the first part of the journey she used a horse and a buggy, she also helped people on Saturday nights', so that they runaways won't be in the paper untill' the Monday Morning after. She also carried a drug for the babies so they didn't cry and give their location away.
Imagine being helped by a wonderful conductor on the UGRR "under ground railroad", then you say that your scared and want to turn back, the Conductor points a gun at you and says: you will be free or die! That is how discouraged the enslaved from turning back! During the treacherous Civil War, Harriet was a big help.
She was a nurse just like Emma in our book, she was also a cook, also a spy, just like Emma! Also since she knew they UUGR so good she was very helpful finding movement of the Confederate soldiers. She stocked them so well that the Union was given her information and she and 150 slaves and Colonel James Montgomery attacked the Confederate army. After the war Harriet still helped others that have been wounded, she also raised money for freedom school. After that she helped destitute and cared for her parents. After her death she was awardednwith military honors and medal. She also has a bronze plaque hung in a building, also has a civic holiday.
Today people can honor her by visiting her "Home" Fredrick- He suffered and worked in a public environment and got help every step of the way. He writes by day.He freed

Harriet- She worked and labored in a very private area and she writes at ngt so she doesn't get caught. Harriet decided to flee because she was afraid of being sold south, so of course she fled, but she knew would be separated from her family
Well many people helped her, first a white neighbor gave her 2 names of people, then she was told how to find the first house on the path, this one risky thing to do in this era
Tubman went to St. Chatharines, Canada, she also helped slaves get there to, Slavery was abolished in Canada. Credits http://www.americaslibrary.gov/aa/tubman/aa_tubman_youth_2.html
and Colby. Thank You!
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