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Antal Orcsik

a prezume...

Antal Orcsik

on 11 May 2013

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Transcript of Antal Orcsik

I was born on the
4th of september 1984. Antal Orcsik Hi, my name is Let me introduce myself... After 6 years of Elementary School, I was admitted to
Katona József High School
in 1997. This was the place where I first saw what websites are made of. I learned HTML and JavaScript Created my
first websites Ended up
as the school webmaster Here I learned even more, which urged me to find a job, where I can create real things! I graduated in 2003, and set out to be a Computer Engineer at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. In 2005 I was hired as a junior developer to Arkon, which was the perfect place where I could become a professional. I had less
and less time
to learn I loved what I was doing at Arkon I wanted to focus on what I was interested in With skills: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, MySQL, OOP, MVC, SVN, HA, TDD, etc. With experience: ingatlan.com (2 yrs)
utcakereso.hu (1 yr)
koponyeg.hu (5 yrs) With plans: to be part of a great team
to learn new things
to finish school Antal Orcsik I'm a programmer, I develop for the web.
I live in Budapest, Hungary.
I'm pleased to meet you! :) @aorcsik http://hu.linkedin.com/in/aorcsik/ My name is In 2010 I finally quit the University, which decision had many factors then... And here I am today. Thx, for watching!

You may
call me Tony ;)
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