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The Five Themes of Ireland

Mr. Mann's 8th period

Grace Waters

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of The Five Themes of Ireland

The 5 Themes of Ireland Location Absolute Location Ireland is located in the Eastern and Northern hemispheres of the world. It is also located northwest of the continent, Europe. The neighboring countries are
United Kingdom and Iceland. Also, the neighboring bodies of water are the Atlantic Ocean, the Celtic Sea, the Irish Sea, and the North Sea. The capital of Ireland is Dublin and it's coordinates are 53.3428° N, 6.2661° W. Location Pictures Physical Characteristics Place Ireland's main physical features are central plains,
surrounded by coastal mountains. The highest point in Ireland is Carrauntoohil, which is 3,415 feet above sea level. The west coast has many islands, peninsulas, headlands, and bays. The plant life on the island include the Irish orchid, the Irish spurge, sundew, foxglove, bell heather, sheep’s bit, bog asphodel, and yellow fleabane. Animal life include the Irish stoat, the Irish hare, the fox, Physical Characteristics Pictures Place Human Characteristics In Ireland, 64% of the land is suitable for agriculture, and 10% is used for forestry. The crops grown there are predominantly wheat, barley, oats, and grass. The architecture of Ireland is mostly known for it's medieval castles, Gothic cathedrals, court graves, and ancient stone circles, but most importantly, Stonehenge. The two main religions of Ireland are the Roman Catholic church and Protestant, and both religions are divided up into two regions of Ireland: Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The food in Ireland is influenced by its crops grown there and its livestock. This includes: black pudding, coddle, Irish stew, boxty, shellfish, crubeens, and fish and chips. Lastly, Irish was the original language within the island, but since the 19th century, it's mainly been English. Human Characteristics Pictures Movement Ireland main imports are: electrical machinery and components, fuel, motor vehicles, food, and medical products. It's main exports are: machinery and equipment, computers, chemicals, medical devices, medicine, food products, and animal products. To get to Ireland. Also, Ireland has influence the U.S. in many different ways. For example: Irish dancing is popular here, and St. Patrick's Day is a famous holiday that the U.S. celebrates each year. Lastly, to get to Ireland, most people use a plane, but some are able to use a ferry. To get back, the airport most go to is Dublin Airport. For a ferry, the ferry company, Irish Ferries, comes to the Dublin Port. Human Environment Interaction Region Ireland is in the region, Europe and Russia. Ireland is included in this region because Ireland is off the coast of Europe, north-west of it. Included in this region is Great Britain, which is east of Ireland. In Ireland, most people work in the agriculture business. This can include: planting crops such as potatoes, grass, and wheat, and planting and cutting down trees. The people of Ireland use the lands for farming and ranching. Also, since Ireland borders the sea, fishing is also a big interaction with the environment. By Grace Waters
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