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Rj Hortezano

on 7 January 2014

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What is Neuro
is the application of neuroscience in business. It would help improve business performance by giving an individual understanding on the human mind and letting him apply this knowledge to business.

Humans are goal-driven individuals. The actions they take and the decisions they make are driven by their need to achieve what they want. This trait is most evident in those who venture into the world of business; businessmen and women, and entrepreneurs who seek satisfaction in their gains.
Technical Specification
Since Neurobusiness is simply the application of neuroscience in business, specifications for this technology is similar to neuroscience, specifically, cognitive neuroscience.
Future Recommendation
We recommend this technology to all companies because this technology will help them make large profits while spending only small amount of money in marketing. Companies will make more money when implementing neurobusiness. This technology in the future will become very popular in the field of business and marketing.
Currently, there is no information available on how neurobusiness started or who had started it. Thus, it can be assumed that the rise of the technology began around the same time as other fields related to it had emerged, such as neuroeconomics which originated from the birth of cognitive neuroscience during the 1990s.
Cognitive Neuroscience
a branch of both psychology and neuroscience, overlapping with disciplines such as physiological psychology, cognitive psychology, and neuropsychology. It addresses how psychological or cognitive functions are produced by the brain.
As an application to business as a whole, neurobusiness also encompasses other fields such as neuromarketing.
a new field of marketing research that studies consumers’ sensorimotor, cognitive and affective response to marketing stimuli.
Impact on Society
Neurobusiness brings about the next generation of performance in business. With this, it introduces a stronger sense of competitiveness among businesses that use the technology and an advantage against those that don’t. It also paves the way to the creation of expandable and significant innovations.
The following are a few specific examples on how neuroscience can deliver next generation business results:
Executive Alignment
Sales, Customer Service and Marketing
There is a drag on business when executives and teams are not in sync when it comes to values, goal and processes. By using the power of the human mind, the executive team can be brought into lockstep alignment around the priorities and goals of the organization and each executive’s specific role.
Sales, Customer Service and Marketing
Applying the powerful discoveries of neuroscience to sales performance is proven to dramatically increase revenue results and accelerate time-to-revenue.
Neuroscience also empowers every business’ marketing machine to compel the unconscious minds of customers and prospects to action.
Neuroscience is the path to leading the next generation of human performance. As leaders, the knowledge of human minds can be leveraged to:
Guide every individual in a way that compels him or her to step into his or her best possible performance.
Engage every individual and team to step beyond the way they have always done it and into fresh perspective that lead to market winning innovation.
Match individuals to their best roles and responsibilities within the organization fueling productivity as you increase employee satisfaction.
Create the ideal work environment so that each team member excels.
Lead the entire team and then organization to deliver clear and compelling communica-tion and collaboration.
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