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Standard 7 Goal-setting

No description

Margaret Huckaby

on 2 September 2015

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Transcript of Standard 7 Goal-setting

Standard 7 Goal-Setting
Building S.M.A.R.T. Goals
Write Your Goals
Using your baseline data, write S.M.A.R.T goals.

Goal Types: Mastery vs Tiered
After You Write The Goal....
Conference with your evaluator to agree on the:
Achievement level expected,
Time frame of the goal, and
Assessment tools to be used.
Step-by-Step Process
1st - Get to know your students.
2nd - Define your focus (school-wide focus).
3rd - Develop baseline data.
Goal-Setting Procedures for Standard 7
All teachers will write goals.
Some schools will use a school-wide focus.
CLT goals may align with school-wide focus.
Teachers + evaluators = collaborative goal-setting process.
2 Goals: One individual goal and one group goal.
Mastery goals
All students are expected to
reach a given achievement
Tiered goals
Baseline data defines distinct
groups of students. Each
group is expected to reach a separate achievement level.
Let's put the goal into OASYS!
Using the OASYS Goal-setting Form
Open up Oasys and click on your Goal-setting document.
Enter the Setting (I).
Enter the Content/Subject/Field (II).
Enter your Baseline Data (III).
Goal-Setting Form Continued
Upload your data using the How-to Sheet.
Fill in the Goal Statement (IV) area.
Describe the strategies you will use.
Click "Save and Notify" when you are finished.
Mid-Year Review
Give your students a mid-point assessment.
Enter the data in the Mid-Year Review (VI) section of the Goal-Setting Form.
Upload the appropriate materials.
Review the data with your evaluator.
Make changes collaboratively, if necessary.
Click "Save and Notify" when you are finished.
Final Data - End of Year Review
Complete your summative assessment.
Chart your data in comparison to the baseline data.
Analyze the outcome.
Upload the data into the goal-setting form.
Provide a narrative explanation.
Click "Save and Notify" to your evaluator.
Finish the Evaluation Process
Conference with your evaluator.
Read your written evaluation in Oasys.
Click "Acknowledge" after reading the document.
Acknowledge Button
is your electronic signature indicating that you have received the evaluation.
A comment box is included on the form if you wish to respond to the evaluation.
Have a great
school year!
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