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Red Scarf Girl

No description

Charity lackey

on 25 February 2011

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Transcript of Red Scarf Girl

Red Scarf Girl By: Ji-Li Jiang Main Characters:
Ji-Li: story is told through her eyes
An Yi: Ji-Li's bestfriend
Grandmother: lives with Ji-Li and her family
Mother: Ji-li's mom
Father: Ji-Li's dad Supporting Characters:
Ji-yun: Ji-li's younger sister
Ji-Yong: Ji-Li's younger brother
Du Hai: Ji-Li's red successor classmate
Yin Lan-lan: Ji-Li's red successor classmate
Song Popo: the Jiang families maid
Setting: This story takes place
in a city in China. This Novel Was Written
during the Cultural Revolution
which directly influenced the
writer, due to the fact that she
was a landlord's grand-daughter Advice for Ji-Li:
Always follow your dreams
Do not let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do.
Believe in yourself and your abilities. Even if it may mean coming out of your comfort zone.
People are not always nice. Just because you have helped them out in the past does not mean that they owe you anything. Do not expect anything in return, and do not be surprised if they catch a mild case of "amnesia."
Do not let people's actions bring you down, especially when they are directed at you intentionally. Those people are genuinely jeolous of your life and are looking for the first opportunity to bring you down.
Evaluation: Most important aspect of the novel:
The struggle Ji-Li has with herself on the decision on whether or not to support the communist party and chairman Mao's views. Even with the continued pain and suffering her family is put through. Modern vs. Classic Winner = Modern Why is this an important piece of world literature? Captures a historic political time period through the eyes of a young girl that is unconciously being victimized by this revolution. RECOMENDATION: GO READ NOW! wHY READ THIS BOOK? the main character is of similar age, so the story is relatable.
shows the struggles and obstacles that adolescents had to overcome almost a half of a century ago.
good recollection of the Chinese Cultural Revolution
Inside scoop on the revolution
Will make you appreciate your freedom that much more. What does "Red Scarf Girl" mean? The color red had such a signifucant meaning during the cultural revolution. It is the color often associated with communism and all of its baggage. The color red meant revival and redemption to the oppressed people, but to the black category people like Ji-Li it could have meant fear. Red scarf girl is smbolizing what type of effect that the cultural revolution had on Ji-Li. Essentially the effects of the revolution shaped the woman that she is today. Everything that happened to her in those trying years has shaped the way she feels and how she interprets things, therefore, making her a "Red Scarf Girl." A major conflict in Red Scarf Girl is when Ji-li has to decide whether to follow Chairman Mao and betray her family but become a ‘red’ child or stay with her family and not follow her dream and never become a ‘red’ child. If I were in this situation I would stay with my family, because I am a very family oriented person. I would almost always choose my family over anything else. Key Events of Red Scarf Girl
The exposition is when the Liberation Army soldier came to Ji-li’s school and choose Ji-li to audition.
The rising action is when everyone was writing da-zi-bao and when Ji-li’s home was searched.
The climax is when she did her summer work in the fields.
The falling action is when they are searched a second time by Thin-Face and Six-Fingers.
The resolution is when she is watching her grandma and talking to her mother.
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