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for every new joinee in Larsen & Toubro family


on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Orientation

L & T Construction & Mining Machinery Welcome CMB-Business Objectives
Continuously Strengthen Our Premium Image in India
Expand Costumer Base and Build lasting Relations
Grown with Improving Profitability
Comprehensive Solutions for the Industry
State-of-the-art Product
Superior After Sales Service
Move Towards Leadership In Construction & Mining Equipment OUR POLICIES HUMAN RESOURCE Recruitment Probation Training &
Development Performance
Appraisal Promotion Transfer Benefits EXIT HR online Right person at the
Right time for the
Right place RECRUITMENT Square peq in a square pole Equal opportunity employer
Internal references encouraged
Internal transfers preferred Fresh recruitment's are normally done through campus JET's
GET's Supervisory Executive Covenanted Minimum time for performer to promote shall be 3 years.
For promotion considerations,employee must have at least rated as vital contributor CAREER PROGRESSION JET JUNIOR ENGINEER TRAINEE GET GRADUATE ENGINEER TRAINEE 1st Year Trainee
2nd Year S-JE 1st Year Trainee SUPERVISORY
E1 - E2 TIER 1 - TIER 2 - TIER 3 - TIER 4 COVENANTED (M1-A, M1-B, M1C) (M2-A, M2-B, M2C) (M3-A, M3-B, M3C) (M4-A, VP, EVP) PROBATION Employee found upto mark

Employee not found upto mark

Employee not found upto mark even
after extending probation period Employee found upto mark Service confirmed in the organization Employee not found upto mark Period of probation extended
(max 6months) Employee not found upto mark even Employment terminated
after extending probation period LEARNING

Joint venture partners program/seminar
Training & Development seminars
Any other visits not categorized as business visits

Persons deputed for training abroad shall have to execute service bond for the specific period PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Famework For Linking FAIR PROCESS Managing expectations of both Superiors and Subordinates FAIR Objectives Performance Planning PROCEDURES S Raghavan Member, Executive Management Committe of L&T, Sr. VP and Business Head, MIPD S K Mittra EVP & Head CMB, Member of MIPD Board Arun Pai
GM - PSD Arvind K Garg
VP - CMB J Kumar
Finance & Accounts Santosh S Rudrawar
Human Resource Suresh Bhat
Administration S A Deshpande
Central Ware House Arun Pai
GM - PSD N K Pal
PSD - North A K Ghosh
PSD - East S Das
PSD - West P Perumal
PSD - South S Ghosh
Head FMC/SSA A Mitra
Head Service sales S M Kodkani
Head Dealership Cell A Roy
Head Tech. Support O C D'Silva
Head Training Arvind K Garg
VP - CMB Partha Mookherjee
Head - MEB Rahul Mehta
Head - CMTB Hemant Mathur
Head - CEB, UEB & Marketing Services Kausik Bose
Zonal Manager
East A K Datta
Zonal Manager
West D Ramaraju
Zonal Manager
South Manish Jhamb
Zonal Manager
North Mukesh Tiwari
Zonal Manager
East R Ramani
Zonal Manager
South 2 Mohit Kondaskar
Zonal Manager
West 1 Vivek Hajela
Zonal Manager
North Sanjay Karkala
Zonal Manager
South 1 A Mukhopadhyay
Zonal Manager
West 2 B Dinesh
Sales Development K A Sravan Kumar
Sales Dev Spares T S Kannan
Sales Dev HE S Chatterjee
Sr. DGM CEB K R Balabhaskar
AGM - CEB Mid Year Review Appraisal Process Moderation by Macro View Group Two-way Feedback to Subordinate MERITOCRACY CRITERIA Average time for promotion is based on employee contribution - as an effective and efficient performer T
M Promotion for employees is made twice in a year i.e. 1st Jan and 1st July Vacancies in various positions are normally
filled within the organization Services are transferable to any unit, location, division in India or abroad or to any facilities within L&T Employee Provident fund Employee State insurance Corporation / Employee Compensation Statutory Benefits Gratuity Own A Mobile Claim Brief Case (Role based) Telephone Expenses (Land Line) Data Card (Role based) Home Painting Car Scheme OTHER BENEFITS Hospitalization Benefits Covenanted - 3 L Supervisory / Executive - 1 L L&T Group
Society Ltd
http://atl.ltindia.com/atl46/login.jsp HR
ONLINE PROCEDURE Resignation letter has to submitted to the immediate superior / zonal head for acceptance Zonal Head will forward to Business head at Bangalore (PRO-HQ) with his recommendation Approved resignation letter shall reach HR Formal communication of resignation acceptance by HR will reach after completion of notice period as per the company norms EXIT INTERVIEW Employee should log into SAP ESS portal & submit the feedback Employee should complete the clearance formalities and submit the same to accounts Accounts will forward the Full & Final communication to SSC after verification SSC will settle the accounts within 30days HR / SSC will issue the service certificate once all formalities are completed by the employee People are the prime movers Thank You Good Luck..!!! Appraisals with Incentives and Rewards Tracking promises (objectives set) made at the beginning of the year Facilitating meaningful dialogue between Superior and Subordinate Establishing clear linkage between Rewards & Performance ratings Identifying Developmental needs of Apraisee Transferee needs to settle his/her accounts at respective base location before he moves to new location Prakash G Hegde
IT Department PROMOTION Leaves Leave Travel Assistance Mileage Claim Mobile Bill expenses Mediclaim - Hospitalization TRANSFER to
OUR FAMILY Consistency in performance Achievements Initiatives No. of years invested Supervisory &
Executive Covenanted Q
N TIME ? Employee Engagement Personal Accident Insurance Employment Engagement CADRE STRUCTURE Note: Initial probation period will be 6 months Salary Cycle - 28th of every month DRESS CODE POLICY The importance of projecting L&T’s professional image through attire and bearing, necessitates the need to lay down guidelines and standards of dress and personal hygiene of employees, with adequate concern for employee comfort. FOR WOMEN Business Formal Pinned Saree (Not Guady)
Salwar Kameez with dupatta
Chudidar Kurta with dupatta Formal Western: Formal Trousers
Formal Skirts (At least Knee length)
Shirts: Full sleeves
Blazer/Business suit
Scarf (optional)
Formal sandals/shoes Business Casual Salwar Kameez
Chudidar Kurta
Formal Trousers
Formal Skirts (At least Knee length)
Formal Shirts: Full/Half sleeves
Formal Tunic tops: Full/Half sleeves
Formal shoes/sandals Grooming : Women's should be Well kept their hair, Nails
and Light Make-up (If any) FOR MEN Business Formal Tucked in shirts:
Full sleeves,
Light/Medium shades
Trousers: Dark shades
Shoes: Leather shoes
Socks: Complementing the Trousers
Tie: Complementing the suit
Blazer/Business suit Tucked in Shirts:
Full/Half sleeves
Formal Trousers
Shoes: Leather shoes
Tie: (Optional) Grooming Business Casuals WHISTLE BLOWERS POLICY In line with our vision and values, which we cherish in our organization and as a part of good corporate governance, framing Whistle Blowers policy would be as step in right direction. This policy is meant to encourage employees to report to the Whistle Blowing Investigation Committee (WIC) for rectification, if they find or observe anything wrong and or having an adverse effect on the company’s financials/images. Objective: Acts of wrongdoings as illustrated below may include but not necessarily be limited to: •Forgery or alteration of documents •Unauthorized alteration or manipulation of computer files •Fraudulent financial reporting •Pursuit of a benefits or advantage in violation of the company’s resources, like funds, supplies or other assets •Misappropriation/misuse of company’s resources, like funds, supplies or other assets •Authorizing/receiving compensation for goods not received
/services not performed •Authorizing/receiving compensation for hours not worked •Improper use of authority •Release of proprietary information •Kickbacks •Theft of cash/ goods/services •Unauthorized discounts •Falsification/destruction of company records •Fraudulent insurance claims •Harassment's Matters pertaining to the following may be excluded as there are separate forums available for the same: •Personal grievances •Dissatisfaction with appraisals and rewards •Complaints relating to service conditions •Sexual harassment •Suggestions for improving operational efficiencies •Company policies Procedures to Reports: •A perceived wrongdoing or an act for Whistle Blowing may be reported by a Whistleblower in oral or written form •Oral report can be given to its superior or Departmental Head, who should get the oral report converted into written report •Written reports can be sent to any of the members/coordinators of the WIC in confidential letter or may be personally handed over to them Note: Anonymous letters will not be accepted by the WIC "Its all about imagineering" Men should be -
Clean-shaven face
Neatly trimmed mustache
Neat hair cut and
Well kept nails
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