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Copy of Cell analogy castle

By: Quike Rousseau and Diego Elizondo

Reishela Lae de Castro

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Cell analogy castle

Cell Analogy Castle
is like
a Castle
Animal Cell
Golgi Body
a waiter
The waiter sends the food to somewhere else, like the golgi body sends proteins to other parts of the cell
the cell membrane
castle wall
the castle wall protects the castle like the cell membrane protects the cell.
the nucleus
a king
the king controls the kingdom like the nucleus directs the cell.
the vacuole
the storage room
the storage room stores materials like the vacuole stores food and matains fluids for the cell.
the ribosomes
the kitchen
the kitchen produces food like the ribosomes produce proteins
the mitochondira
a garden
it produces food for the people like the mitochondria produces energy for the cell.
the endoplastic reticulum
castle hallways
it connects with everything like the endoplastic reticulum work like passage ways for the cell
a maid
because they clean up the castle and do the matiance like the lysosome move around cleaning up the cell.
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