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Intro to Spanish 1

CMS introduction to Spanish 1 class.

Lin Har

on 18 August 2016

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Transcript of Intro to Spanish 1

Spanish Spanish Spanish!
Center High School
Bienvenidos! Welcome!
Let’s make this a great year!

Write a description of yourself in English (or in Spanish if you speak it at home). Do NOT write your name in the paragraph.
Describe yourself to someone who has never met you!
How would they pick you out of a crowd of 100?
Do NOT include your name in your paragraph, but do write it in the top right corner!
What do you look like?
What is your personality like?
What do you like, or not like, to do?
What other interesting facts about yourself can you share? (family, friends, favorite foods and activities?)
Tarea- Homework
Bring in at least one item that describes you as a person.
If you have something now- that isn't a pencil, pen , or just your phone- you can share now and get credit!
Spanish is easier than German !
Consider yourself lucky you are learning Spanish!
We will have FUN!
If you can ____________it as a class.
What do you get for doing well?
You might receive a personal note from me in the mail/ or phone call.
A good participation grade!
You'll learn _______ Spanish.
Learning Spanish
Keep_______notes! (Books will not be sent home!Special checkout available if needed)
It’s better to study for _______ a day than for an hour a week at one time.
Be ________minded about other cultures and ideas. What does this mean?
Going to the Restroom
Restroom pass must be carried at all times
(May I go to the restroom please?)

Let’s practice
You have 5 minutes of passing time- with a 1 minute bell to warn you.
NO passes the first 10 minutes of class.
NO passes the last 10 minutes of class.
Classroom Rules
Spanish is a polite culture and you are expected to be _________as well.
Be kind to yourself and others
When my voice is on, yours is off.
Absences- See Google Classroom for missed work & get notes from a friend
Today’s Agenda
Teacher Introductions
Class Expectations
Student Introductions

Objective: To introduce students to Spanish 1

When I call your name,
please say:

Presente (Pray-sen-tay)
Use your index card to write the following info:
1. What's your name?
2. What are your parents/ guardians names?
3. How long have you went to a Center School District school?
4. When is your birthday?
5. List 3 hobbies you enjoy
6. List 2 or more of your personality traits (ex: funny & smart)
7. Write 2 or more questions you have about this class or about me
8. List people you can successfully work with in our class
9. List anyone you cannot work well with (this will only be seen by me)
Warm Up
Find the seat with the matching sticker (there are multiple ones with the same sticker)
Teacher: Mrs. Hardy

1st time- verbal warning
2nd time- removed from group/ loss of privilege
3rd time- detention or sent to office with write up

Serious Offenses: Immediate write up
Warm Up
Posted every class- Usually in Google Classroom
Timed work
Silent work
Worth at least 10 points every class.
We randomly grade selected students on the Smartboard together
Class No no’s!
No Cell Phones or headphones on in class

The first time I see it or hear it, you get a warning! After that, it's a detention or write up- depending on how you handle it.
Who is this teacher as a person?
Teacher: Ms. Hardy

Why do you think I said, "Consider yourself lucky you are learning Spanish?"

Did you see any
Todo Sobre Mi- Everything about Me
Warm Up- Reach into the bag and pull out an item.

What do you think this item says about Ms. Hardy?

Be prepared to share with the class.
Minion Rules
Bandera- Todo Sobre Mi!
Everyhing about me flag!

Dicionario- model and then complete the bandera (flag) on your own.
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