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Kayla Church Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

No description

Jaci Howard

on 5 May 2016

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Transcript of Kayla Church Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

Soldiers in Ancient Egyptian times had very hard work. The main weapons they used in the battle were bows and arrows. The weapons could reach over 600 feet destroying many enemies. The other weapons would be spears, axes, or short swords. Soldiers were respected in the Ancient Egyptian times. They were respected because they were art a high point in the pyramid.
Do you know the duties of a slave? They were captured from war from other countries. Slaves had some of their jobs as a gardener, farmer, musician, and a scribe. Slaves were very important in Ancient Egypt. Eighty percent of all slaves were peasants. They didn't have to pay any taxes.
Ever wonder what merchants do in ancient Egypt? Merchants in the ancient Egypt times sold and traded items. They traded rare items and they traded with other cultures. Merchants also helped with exporting papyrus, linen gold and grain. Those were some of the things about the life of merchants. Merchants' position in ancient Egypt could be compared as someone that buys and sells things or has a merchant's job today.
Mysteries of Ancient Egypt
Farmers In Ancient Egypt

Farmers work near the Nile River to grow there crops. They would dig tunnels in the ground so that water can go through to get to the crops. That water would make the soil rich so that the water can grow. Farmers would also trade there crops to gather clothes and tools to make a shelter. The Nile River would help farmers with transport.

Merchants have a pretty good job!
Scribes have a good life. They don't have to pay taxes or do any hard labor work. They do have to carve on rock walls and doors. They also wrote books for doctors and priests. When ever the egyptians were building the ramp for the pyramid or the actual pyramid, the scribes would just write on paper or pots. The farmers help these scribes because the grow papyrus plants to make the actual paper for the scribe to write on. These people would also stand beside the Pharaoh and help them. Maybe you would like to be a scribe. You already are if you are in school.
A vizier is a person who is right below the the Pharoah of Ancient Egypt. All of the money for the taxes would go to the viziers. They were important for keeping all the money safe. The viziers are like a safe. They also worked for the Pharoah. Viziers were the guards protecting the Pharoah of Ancient Egypt.They were scribes but called viziers.

These houses of Ancient Egypt were made out of dried mud bricks. They had wall decor and tilled floors. Also, there was only one story is the house
Government of Ancient Egypt
The very first known government was found in Ancient Egypt. Pharaohs often had more than one wife and thir oldest child would be the next pharoah. The Egyptians did not call their king pharaoh though. The religion and the government were very closely connected with each other. Priests cared for the country's important needs. Officials collected taxes. Governers had to work everyday with thier district. The scribes were the writers in the group. People paid goods usually crops instead of money. The pharaoh didn't have a bank, but instead they had a storage room filled with the crops.
Three Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt
The three pharaohs i chose were Hatshepsut, Khufu, and Kakai. Hatshepsut was one of the most successful pharaohs in Ancient Egypt. She wore the beard for the men pharaohs to show a sign of power. She also wore the same male clothes as the other pharaohs. A theory of how she died is salve killed her when she put it on a part of her skin. Khufu was the second pharaoh in the fourth dynasty. People believe that he had three wives. His full name-Khufwy- meant "the god". Khufu was the first to built a pyramid in Ancient Egypt. Also, he was popular in the roman period. Kakai was the third pharaoh in the fifth dynasty. his father was Sahure and his mother was Queen Meretnebty,.
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