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"One nation under CCTU" from Banksy

No description

Margaux Plassard

on 10 October 2015

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Transcript of "One nation under CCTU" from Banksy

- distinctive stenciling technique
- street art

Banksy is an anonymous street artist who comes from the UK. He began as a freehand graffiti artist in 1990. His work usually depict dark humor and have hidden messages ( anti-war, anti-capitalist...). Subjects often includes rats, policeman, soldiers, children, apes, and the elderly.
Banksy's One Nation Under CCTV was one of many digs aimed at Big Brother. This piece, however, is memorable for the way Banksy pulled off the stunt. The Royal Mail granted permission for the creation of an enormous piece on the wall within the Post Office yard on Newman Street, without knowing what the work would look like. Scaffolding was constructed, reaching multiple stories and standing for a large portion of the week.

Much to the surprise of the Royal Mail and surrounding residents, the scaffolding would be removed to unveil the message "One Nation Under CCTV." The piece shows a young boy on the sixth rung of a tall ladder, rolling out the block lettering. To the left of the subject is a police officer and watchdog. The piece was seen as a bold statement against CCTV, perfectly placed directly to the left of a number of closed-circuit cameras. The work was later painted over.
"One nation under CCTV" from Banksy
One Nation Under CCTV
April 2008, Stencil, Girnomous
Thank you
1- An artist named Banksy
2- "One nation under CCTV"
3- Analysis of a graffiti
- distinctive stenciling technique
- street art
-amazing agility and creativity
- the use of 3D objects as a part of his work
In using stenciling, Banksy also uses a key method of propaganda: repetition
-still life stenciled artwork
-realistic and symbolic
-contrast, use of space
-art as an expression
Banksy is most well known for his stencil arts
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