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Rape Culture

No description

Regina Haugland

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Rape Culture

When No Means Yes;
Rape Culture

What is Rape

Stereotypes and
Rape Culture

The Media
In Other Media
The Guy's Magazine Test
"(Rape culture)...examines how media images, advertising, bar scenes and social expectation...produce a culture that accepts, if not encourages rape" (Projansky, 2001).
They are all from Men's Magazines (North, 2012)
Who is to blame?
One third of women say a victim/survivor is to blame if she dresses in a sexy way (North, 2010).
The stallion and
the virgin
Where does consent fit
for women who are taught to be submissive?
Where does consent fit for men who are taught
to get what they want?
Men are...
Women are...
Rape culture is in part created by stereotypes regarding how men and women behave, especially in dating or sexual situations
A history...
1974- First use of term
1975- The documentary "Rape Culture" premiers
1992- Scholars argue about changing term to "rape-supportive culture" (Donat & D'Emilio, 1992)
2011-Slutwalk brings term to the mainstream (Gibson, 2011)
Rape culture is...
a society in which beliefs, stereotypes, the media and norms present sexual assault as understandable, excusable and condonable.
Advocacy Services
is a confidential resource for anyone impacted by sexual assault, intimate partner violence and stalking at UNC.
24 Hour Hotline:
How to Stop Rape Culture
Normalize It
"CHICO -- They were vulnerable — most were college students, walking home alone in the dark, having consumed alcohol — and predators took advantage" (Sweeny, 2012).
Blame It
Laugh At It
“Wouldn’t it be funny if that girl [referring to an audience member who “heckled” him about rape jokes not being funny earlier in his set] got raped by, like, five guys right now? Like right now (Bassit, 2012)."
Are the following sentences from convicted rapists or popular guy magazines?
1. "You do not want to be caught red-handed . . . go and smash her on a park bench. That used to be my trick"
2. "Girls love being tied up . . . it gives them the chance to be the helpless victim"
3. "Mascara running down the cheeks means they've just been crying, and it was probably your fault . . . but you can cheer up the miserable beauty with a bit of the old in and out"

Bassit, 2012
Herman, 1994
North, 2012
North, 2010
Sweeney, 2012
"Rape is the logical outcome is men
act according to the 'masculine mystique' and
women act according to the 'feminine mystique' "
(Herman, 1994 p; 52).
Men are expected to have sex often and
initiate sexual encounters.
Women are expected to be virginal
and are often depicted
as not having sexual desires.
"It is a complex of beliefs that encourages male sexual aggression and supports violence against women....A rape culture condones physical and emotional terrorism against women as the norm" (Roth, 1993).
Victim blaming is the idea that a survivor of sexual assault is somehow responsible for the attack
Common examples;
"S/he shouldn't have walked home at night alone"
"S/he shouldn't have drank so much"
"If s/he weren't dressed that way, it wouldn't have happened"
Women's representation in general media
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