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By: Miguel Torres, Mathea Johnson & Azende Altemus

First Marriges

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Marriages

What is the
Purpose??? Hindu's go through a series of rites, or
samskaras, over the course of there lives. These rites honor a persons passage from one life stage to the next. How are the families involved in
the marriges plans of their children The families choose the day of the wedding after consulting with a preist, and an astrological calender. Families try to make the wedding. As splended as possible. Don't worry about money. What happens during Hindu
Mariages??? Family gathers and forms a circle holding hands
and groom hands bride a gift and they are married!!
Husband gives wife a gift everyday for the rest of his life until he dies. Marriges By:Mathea Johnson, Miguel Torres,
& Azende Altemus Fun Fact 1-
90% of the marriges are still
Fun Fact 2-
10% or less get divorced. Fun Fact 3-
Bride and groom don't see each
other until the wedding day.
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