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Fabio and Fabio

Fabio and his partner Fabio work on a prezi about the colony of Delaware.

lib hist

on 6 October 2016

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Transcript of Fabio and Fabio

Religion and Race
Brief History of Delaware
Delaware was one of the Middle colonies. Delaware actually was a English province from 1638 to 1776 until it was the last colony to become a state. Delaware got its name from a man named Sir Thomas West, but his nickname was Lord de la Warr. The first people to explore Delaware were not the English, but in fact the Dutch. The Delaware bay and river were first explored by a man named Henry Hudson in 1609. It was explored more thoroughly from 1615-1616, after these explorations it was then founded in 1638 by Peter Minuit.
Why people would want to settle in Delaware
People would want to settle in Delaware from many reasons, here are a few. Delaware is known as a breadbasket colony, which means that they had more food than other colonies. This means that starvation is not a issue if you are considering settling here. The climate is also perfect any time of the year. Delaware is also the second smallest colony right before Rhode Island, so that you most likely will not get lost and will know all of your neighbors.
The three main types of people that lived in Delaware were very different. One type of person was the rural person. These were the farmers, handymen, and fur traders. Another type of person was the urban person. These were the merchants and salesmen who exported and imported goods. The final type of person was the landowner, the usually were either landlords or had a plantation with slaves on it.
Fabio and Fabio
Reasons Why Delaware was Founded

There were two main reasons for Delaware being founded. Those reasons were agriculture and trade. Since the soil was fertile, the crops were bountiful. They also had access to lust forests to manufacture lumber.
Peter Minuit was the leader and founder of Delaware. He ruled Delaware from 1638 to 1664.
Delaware had a very rich and stable economy. This is because farmers produced a variety of crops, such as, barley, wheat, and rye. They also shipped food everywhere, like New York, Philadelphia, and the South. These meals ranged from beef to butter. Delaware also had rich deposits of iron ore which they then used to turn into tools and parts of guns.
The main race in Delaware were the Whites or British or even Anglo-Saxon. As for religion, there was a lot more variety. Religions included Lutheran, Reformed, Quakers, Baptists, and Catholic. This is just to name a few of the most believed religions during the colonial time period of Delaware.
3 Types of People in Delaware




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