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Amate Bark Paintings

info and pictures of Amate Bark Painting

Jessica Johnson

on 9 January 2018

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Transcript of Amate Bark Paintings

Amate Bark Paintings of Latin America
This style of art is associated with Latin America such as, Colombia, Venezuela, Honduras, etc.
First, bark is removed by hand from a tree and boiled in water. It is left to soak overnight until it is soft enough for the pieces to be pulled apart.

The soft bark is then pounded out- using a rectangle rock until it is all even, spread out, and the shape of a piece of paper. The paper is ready to be used after it is left to dry out in the sun.
Much of the amate paper that is created in Mexico is shipped to the state of Guerrero where artists would paint pictures of their everyday lives.
Mexican artists would often paint imaginative scenes of fantasy birds, stylized animals and floral patterns on this special bark paper.
When you create your Amate Bark Painting you will need to include the following:

*At least one bird or one animal
*Floral and vegetation (plants) decoration or patterns
*Bright Colors
*Torn border
*Symmetrical Design
Amate Bark Paintings
However, this style of art is mainly celebrated in Mexico, specifically with The Mezcala region on the Rio Balsas Basin in
Amate is a form of paper that has been manufactured by Mexico since the Pre-Hispanic times. The Aztecs and Mayans used this paper to communicate, write messages, keep records, and paint beautiful images. These records and images help us unravel the history of the Mexican culture.
What is Amate?
How is amate paper made?
Repetition plays an important role in the bark paintings.

is when an element (color, line, shapes, etc.) occurs over and over again.

Where do you
see repetition being
used in this amate painting?
Bright colors are used to create an interesting contrast between the dark colors of the paper.
What does this artwork tell us about the Aztec culture?
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