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Essential Question: What are Mrs. Fisher's policies and proc

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Wendi Fisher

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Essential Question: What are Mrs. Fisher's policies and proc

My classroom is a place where
should feel safe and welcomed. That can only happen if we all agree to respect each other, despite our differences.
I do not tolerate drama, rudeness, or bullying.

I'm not asking you to be friends with everyone in this classroom, but I'm asking you to
respect each person and their ideas & opinions.
Self-Advocacy is learning how to speak up for yourself, making your own decisions about your own life, learning how to get information so that you can understand things that are of interest to you, finding out who will support you in your journey, knowing your rights and responsibilities, problem solving, listening and learning, reaching out to others when you need help and friendship, and learning about self-determination.

You can be your own worst enemy or biggest supporter.
The Do's and Don'ts
If you are absent....
Check the classroom website.
If you missed notes, they will be there.
Get any handouts from your group folder when you return.
Your group members will collect any work for you and put your name on it and place it in the group folder.
You are still responsible for any work or information you missed.
I cannot keep up with who is absent what day, so it is your responsibility to follow the procedures above.
You have one week to make up a test if you have an
Try not to miss a test day.
Random Rules
Do not raise your hand.
Everyone needs to be prepared to share their ideas and answers.
It's ok to be wrong.
I don't expect you to know everything, but I do expect you to try.
"I don't know" is not an acceptable answer.
Even if you don't know the answer, you do know

Use academic language.

There is a difference between academic and informal/social language. Hallways & lunch=informal. Classrooms=academic.
Essential Question: What are Mrs. Fisher's policies and procedures?
Thank you!
The Do's and Dont's
Do not...
Talk while I'm talking.
That's rude and we just learned I don't tolerate rudeness.
Talk while another student is talking.
Also rude. We value all opinions/ideas equally in this classroom.
Waste time.
My time and your peers time is valuable.
Bring food or drink into this classroom
. A water bottle is allowed.
Have out your phone or MP3 player.
I will let you know when they are allowed.
Please Do...
Sit down and immediately write in your planner and begin the warm-up.
Social time ends when you walk into my classroom.
Say "Good morning" or "Hi" to me as you enter the classroom.
It's rude to ignore someone as they greet you.
Respect the equipment.
This is my classroom and my belongings. I would not walk into your room and steal/vandalize/mess up your stuff.
Respect your peers.
We need a harmonious classroom.
Grades are based on the 4 criteria:
A: Knowledge & Understanding
B: Inquiring & Designing
C: Processing & Evaluating
D: Reflecting on Impacts of Science
Each criteria has an equal weight
I will average "evidence" from each criteria to make a summary judgement score.
Summary judgement scores are averaged together to get a score and converted into a letter grade.
You may retake any piece of "evidence" to raise your summary judgement score.
There will also be a behavior grade based on your planner use.

Academic Honesty
It is important to understand the Academic Honesty Policy and the consequences for breaking the rules. We will cover the policy in detail, but please remember that it is more than "copying answers" and there are
major consequences
for breaking the Academic Honesty Contract.
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