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Copy of Lunchroom Expectations

Lunchroom Expectations

Kellie Zeigler

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Lunchroom Expectations

Lunchroom Expectations
Be Ready
Be Responsible
Be Respectful 1. Follow adult directions.
Positive Example- Listening to your teacher and doing as asked
Negative Example- Playing with your friend during directions
2. Have your lunch card ready and know your choices.
Positive Example- Standing in the right order in the line and handing your card right over
Negative Example- Forgetting your card in the classroom
3. Get your supplies.
Positive Example- Remember to grab your drink, fork, and napkin.
Negative Example- Forgetting to get everything you need. Be Ready 1. Be silent when the red cup is out. Remember the yellow cup is a warning.
Positive Example- Eating your lunch and waiting for the green cup to whisper talk .
Negative Example- Laughing and talking while the red or yellow cups are out.
2. Talk quietly when the green cup is out.
Positive Example- When the green cup is out, you make talk in a quiet voice to your neighbor.
Negative Example- Yelling to get another child's attention from another table.
3. Raise your hand if you need something and wait for an adult.
* Positive Example - Raise your hand and wait patiently.
* Negative Example - Yelling out for an adult. Be Responsible 1. Silent, face forward, hands by side.
Positive Example- You remain quiet while waiting for your lunch tray.
Negative Example- You play with your friends and make alot of noise.
2. Leave area clean.
Positive Example- You clean up all of your mess from lunch including items that may have fallen off of your tray or onto the floor.
Negative Example- You drop your bag of chips and leave the mess behind.
3, Stay seated.
Positive Example- If you need more supplies (ketchup, napkins, fork, etc...), raise your hand and an adult will bring it to you.
Negative Example- You forgot to get your napkin and get up to go get it. Be Respectful
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