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What is Sport Management?

No description

Alex Tedesco

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of What is Sport Management?

What is Sport Management?
Sports Industry
Supporting Segments of Sport Industry
Amateur Sport Industry
History of Sport Management
Amateur Sport Industry Career Opportunities
Interscholastic Athletic Administration
Athletic Director
League Director
Intercollegiate Athletic Administration
NCAA Administration/Governance
Athletic Department careers
Athletic Director
Faculty Athletics Representative
International Sport Federations
Professional Sport Industry Career Opportunities
League Administration/Governance
League Office Personnel
Organizational opportunities
General Manager
Front Office Personnel
Sport Agency
Sport Event Manager
Sport Marketing Representative
Sport Account Executive
Sport Agent
Facility Management
Marketing Director
Public Relations Director
Event Director
Operations Director
Event Management
Organize and manage sporting events
Sport Sales
Sponsorship Agencies
Sport Communications
Sport Broadcasting
Sporting Goods Industry
Supporting Segments of Sport Industry
Sport Management fields of study
Business Management
Sport Marketing
Sport Finance
Sport Law
Ethics in Sports
Amateur Sport Industry
High School/Youth Sport
Collegiate Sport
International Sport
Professional Sport Industry
Sport Agency
Sport Industry Support Segments
Facility/Event Management
Sport Sales
Sport Sponsorship
Sport Communications
Sport Broadcasting
Sporting Goods Industry
Estimated overall worth of the sports industry is
$470 Billion
Careers in Sport Management

Consumer Spending

Fan Attendance

Media Coverage


Key Components
Main Areas of Employment
Amateur Sport Industry

Professional Sport Industry

Supporting Segments of Sport Industry
England was the birthplace of modern sport and sport management
Thoroughbred racing was the first sport transformed by the club management system
The roots of sport management are traced to the establishment of the
Jockey Club
by a group of noble patrons in the 1750s
What jobs do Sport Managers have in Sport Industry???
Professional Sport Industry
Sport Management is a field that focuses on of a variety of different key aspects related to the business and governance of sport on all levels.
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