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on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Afro-Deutsche

Afro-Germans Today
Still feeling social pressures
Germans still consider them to be "foreigners" even if they were born in Germany
subject to violent hate crimes and slander
Started turning to music
express their anger
voice their desire for change
gain support from youth to fight for their right to German citizenship
Contemporary Pop Afro-German Music
People of mixed-race, resulting from miscegenation
German soldiers and African women during colonization of Namibia (German South Africa) and Togo, Cameroon, and Tanzania (German East Africa) from late 1800s-early 1900s
African soldiers and German women during French occupation of Germany after WWI
Africans in Germany
Earliest Afro-Germans came starting in the early 1700s
looking for jobs, education
large populations from Ghana and Nigeria
congregated in cities like Berlin and Hamburg
Were never very well-received by Germans
discrimination and segregation
Lives of Africans within German culture have been difficult and challenging
African colonization and enslavement by Germans
Cruelties during Nazi-era Germany
Racial discrimination and segregation from early 1700s-today
Use of contemporary pop music to speak out in protest and make their pleas for change known
Afro-Deutsche: Surviving adversity through music
Wanted by Nobody
Not considered African or German
no identity or culture
Many African tribes refused to take them in or allow them to be part of their culture
Germans despised them
"Black plague polluting" their pure race
Went so far as to sterilize ~500
children during WWII
To Make Matters Worse...
French occupation of Germany
fueled Hitler's and the Nazis' hatred of Africans and Afro-Germans
began associating them with the Jews
Africans and Afro-Germans were subjected to much of the same horrors as the Jews during WWII
Striped of rights
Concentration and slave labor camps
"Euthanasia" of the mentally ill
R & B
Protest against neo-Nazi terror
Brothers Keepers and Sisters Keepers
Two different approaches to asking for change
Direct, forceful, no backing down, ready to fight
Let's do this together, hand-in-hand, peacefully
Incorporated hip-hop, rap, R&B, and reggae musical qualities
Formed in 2001
Use spiritual and religious themes instead of explicit sociopolitical attacks in order to get their messages across
Lyrics focus more on outlining utopia everyone should strive for
Incorporate religious themes from
First German pop music to incorporate religious themes and messages
Xavier Naidoo, Glashaus, Chima
Brothers Keepers
Sisters Keepers
"Adriano - Letzte Warnung (Final Warning)"
Tribute to Alberto Adriano
born in Africa, lived in Germany for 12 years
brutally attacked and killed (June 2000) by right-wing youth gang
just for being in the "wrong place at the wrong time"
mostly sung in German with some English
"Will We Ever Know"
Expressing frustrations at their lack of rights and feeling discriminated against
"will we ever know peace? Do two wrongs make a right?"
Reggae/Caribbean influence over hip-hop beat and feel
mostly sung in English
"Liebe und Verstand (Love and Understanding)"
Much softer approach to asking for change
[translated]: "We were born here, but are still strangers in this land"
"Cause black is beautiful and so is white"
"So stop that hating and debating how to make a change/ Do something positive and do it today"
Not quite as successful as Brothers Keepers in terms of sales
only seem to have this one song
R&B/Soul feel
sung in both German and English
Hip-Hop Musical Examples
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