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on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Europe

Approximately 50 countries formed together to create the wonderful land of Europe. With a population of about 733 million being about 11% of the worlds current population. From the biggest country, Russia, to the smallest, Vatican City, Europe has it all! Although if you take a closer look…
You find the wonderful land of the....
The United Kingdom, also known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but typically called the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain, is a sovereign state located just off of the north-western coast of Europe. The UK consists of 4 countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Now, in some parts of my presentation, England will be more of my main focus, but in most parts I will be talking about the UK in general.
The majority of the population of the United Kingdom live in England, causing it to have a higher population density. The population of The United Kingdom itself is 63.23 million as of 2012; Scotland with a population of 5.295 million, Wales with a population of 3.064 million, Northern Ireland with a population of 1.811 million and finally England with a population of 53.01 million. The population of England and the UK are quite high compared to Canada with a population of only 34.88 million approximately. The UK has the 22nd biggest population in the world, and has the 79th biggest area in squared km.
Population and population density

The death rate of the UK is 9.33 deaths/1000 population. Which means if the population of the UK was currently 1000 people they would have approximately 9.33 deaths a year. Although the death rate of the UK may seem quite high considering its population is nowhere near 1000, it isn’t in the top 50 highest of the world, it is in the 60s. Now, you might’ve thought with its rather huge population, the UK would have a huge birth rate, but it actually has one of the lowest birth rates in the whole world. A birth rate of 12.27 births/1000 population, so really if you subtract the birth rate from the death rate, you’d get 2.94. So the UK is gaining approximately 2.94/1000 which isn’t that much, but you also need to keep in mind that the UK has one of the highest immigration rates.

Death Rate, Birth Rate and Population

The life expectancy of the United Kingdom is a high and good age that I'm sure most of us would want to live up to, 80.17 years approximately. It has one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world, actually it’s in the top 30s for the highest life expectancies and is only 2.83 years away from the highest life expectancy (of 83 years). Of the people in the UK, that are of age 65 years and older, there are approximately 4, 877, 079 males and 6, 073, 497 females which in total makes up about 17.3 % of the population. That may not seem like a lot but it’s just because most people in the UK are still between the ages 25-54. Also, as people age there still aren’t as many people in the age group under the ages 65+. What I mean by that is that out of the 55-64 year olds, in total both male and female, they only make up 11.5% of the total population of the UK. Which isn't quite a lot.
Life expectancy
The United Kingdom and about 20 other countries in the world, all have a literacy rate of 99%. So 99% of the population of the people 15+ in the UK have completed 5 or more years of schooling. This means most of the UK have had an education of some sort which increases the job opportunity for them and you need a job to earn money. Although, in England, being the most crowded country in Europe there aren’t many jobs in general left for someone to get. Even then, the average person in the UK, earns a good amount per year, $36, 600 per year, which is the GDP per Capita. The UK is very fortunate compared to some of the other countries in the world who have a GDP of less than $500 per year. Then again there are still a few people in the UK who don’t earn as much or even anything. Even then, the United Kingdom is actually close to being one of the many wealthiest countries of the world.

GDP per Capita and Literacy Rate:

With a total population of 63.23 million and an area of 130 395 square km, the population density ends up being quite high, 258.8 / per square km to be exact, it’s approximately the 32th highest population density in the world. This may seem quite high, and it is, although most of the population live in England. England is actually one of the most crowded countries in Europe! In some parts of England it actually has over 13, 000 people per square km, which is insane! Although in other parts of England you’ll only find just over 70 people/square km, it still may seem like a lot, but that’s almost 180 times less than 13, 000.
As you will see in the following picture, the United Kingdom has one of the highest EPI ratings in the world. What that means is that the UK’s energy is mostly renewable and safe. The UK has the 9th highest EPI rating in the whole world! Good job UK! Now, for those reasons, the UK is a safer place to live in because unlike other countries, the United Kingdom doesn’t use hazardous energy so the air around you is safer, which increases the life expectancy rate. The United Kingdom sticks to safer energy choices which is the better choice.
EPI &Life expectancy
Overall, the United Kingdom is a developed country, it is actually one of the most developed countries in the world. To live in the UK would honestly be so pleasant, as it is in Canada and other countries. A developed country is a country that is more advanced in some things compared to other countries. For example, the economy, more specifically the GDP per capita, and the UK is known to have quite a high average income per person. Something else that might affect how to know if a country is developed or not is by the education in the country. An example of that is the literacy rate, and as I mentioned earlier the literacy rate of the UK is almost a perfect, 99%. Finally, another huge factor that might be affected to tell if a country is developed or not, is by the life expectancy/standard livings, which would’ve been expected. The life expectancy/standard living is practically how healthy a person is, if a person is healthy they would typically live longer, and in the UK there life expectancy rate is 2.83 years off from being the actual highest, so as you could probably tell, that’s pretty high. So in end, adding all of this up, the United Kingdom, is in fact a developed and fortunate country.
Developped? Or not?
The end:)

By: Zainab Issa
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