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"To Hear or Not to Hear"

A Legal Profession Presentation (One Man Wolfpack LLP)

Joe Dugan

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of "To Hear or Not to Hear"

"To Hear or Not to Hear" Our Problem:
"To Hear or Not to Hear" State school for deaf children

Trustee appointees advocate for increased English language instruction, cochlear implants

Members of parents' assocation oppose appointments, approached ASCI to explore legal challenges The Intake Committee Michael: Managing Partner for Client Acquisition

Jazmin/Helen Keller: Staff Attorney, Client Services Coordinator

JP, Anthony, Jen, Abid: Committee Members Welcome to B408,
the IU Maurer/ASCI Law Clinic "COLD" CALL Is there a potential conflict here?

Can ASCI represent this splinter faction of members without official sanction from the parents’ association?

(Hint: Rule 1.13, [f]) What Do They Need? A voice for their concerns?

Assistance with arbitration?

Help getting the school back on track?


Legal firepower? What is integration? Mixing the minority with the majority?

Ensuring respect for the minority?

Equipping the minority to coexist and contribute? 36 hours to decide! Rule 1.4: Duty of Communication Interview with Jeremy Jenkins Ouster? Negotiation? Collaboration? "COLD" CALL! Some of these questions could be more easily resolved through follow-up conversations with the parents.

Yet if we engage in such conversations, do we run the risk of creating a reasonable expectation that an ACR exists?

Have we already crossed that line? What duties do we owe to the parents at this juncture?

(Hint: Rule 1.18) "Our hands are clean" What are some of the BENEFITS and LIMITATIONS of cochlear implants? "COLD" CALL! Arguments Initiatives help deaf and hearing kids interact


Greater integration through tolerance and diversity? Interview with Sid Abelaird No rational basis for parents to rely... One Man Wolfpack LLP
Presents... Rule 1.2: Scope of Representation Rule 1.18: Duties to Prospective Client Rule 1.2(b): Representation does not
constitute endorsement DECISION Agree to represent parents before association and trustees

Mediation; no litigation

Revisit scope IF the situation warrants Interview with Daphne Gallaudet Indiana School for the Deaf Thanks for your attention!

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