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The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

No description

Justin Policarpo

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

The Main Characters and Setting
In this story, a boy decides to trick villagers into thinking that there is a wolf attacking his sheep since he is a shepherd. After he continuously pulls the prank now one believes him when it matters. One day, there really was a wolf but when he cried, now one believed him. Then the wolf ate the boy's sheep.
Personification and Foreshadowing.
On example of foreshadowing iswhen the wolf finally came and the boy cried for help and now one came. Another example of foreshadowing is when the boy first called out wolf. You don't know how people will react. Also an example of foreshadowing is when the villagers yelled at the boy for lying. Finally the last example is when the villagers did not see the boy return. That is an example of foreshadowing.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf.
The main characters in this story are the boy and the wolf. The Setting is in a village.

An example of a flashback is when they say there was a boy
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