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Recruitment and Selection

No description

Iryna Novak

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Recruitment and Selection

JOB ANALYSIS Plan For Recruiting
1. Recruitment Sources and Methods
2. Profile of people being targeted
3. Cost
4. Reaching minority group communities Knowledge:
•Certification of training program to be a certified instructor (Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO)
•Minimum of 4 years of driving experience
•Primary rules of driving, signaling and parking
•People skills (instruction)
•Operating a vehicle in a safe manner
•Customer service
• To explain situations potential consequences
• Identify lack of understanding
• Build confidence in the relationship with the individual Tasks:
•Teach individuals about roads, rules about driving
•Prepare customers prior to their test
•Prepare schedules on what lessons will be given to what individuals, based on their flexibility
•Provide advice on the safe operating of a vehicle
•Monitor the clients' driving Duties and Responsibilities:
• To teach the customers about every rule that applies to safe driving
• To warn customers the potential consequences of unsafe driving
• To be good role model as safe driver
• Provide effective and honest judgement on every individual’s driving
•Ensure that the individual has all the necessary pre-requisites required, such as G1 and G2 license, vision and if glasses are needed to drive Job Description Recruitment and Selection Strategy 1. Develop Recruitment Strategy: Establishing the selection committee that can prepare the job description for the applicant's.

2. Develop the Applicant Pool: Before developing an applicant pool, the company must review the state of the labour market, because in a favorable labour market, the organization may advertise the position only in one or two professional journals. Application Form and Resume Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 1 Preliminary Telephone Interview In-person interview Reference check Compensable Factors Working conditions:
• Outside environment
• Danger due to accidents
• Working in all types of weather
• Flexible hours
• In a vehicle
• Towards effective customer service
• Meet the individuals needs
• To form a reliable relationship with the individual, to form new client networks. Group Name: Company Name: The Incredibles Position: Driving Instructor Group Members: Ghadeer, Iryna, Michael, Mohammed, Sarvathan, Sukhijit RECRUITMENT AND
Ghadeer, Iryna, Michael, Mohammed, Sarvathan, Sukhijit JOB AD Job Specifications
3. Screen the Applicant Pool: During this step, the recruiter must select the best applicant's as a driver instructor for further interview because these applicant's meet the requirements of the job.

4. Conduct Review of Job Applicants: This step involves the selection of shortlist of candidates that are applying for the driver instructor job.

5. Evaluate the Recruiting Effort: The recruiters must review the outcome of the recruiting process by reviewing the performance of the driver instructor hired for the job. Plan For Recruiting Con't Reference Check •Luna Driving School should eliminate employment practices that act as barriers to the employment of people in designated groups.

• Luna driving school should provide a work force that represents diversity among employees and have a high employee morale.

•HR recruiters should avoid absenteeism and advertise employment to driver instructors in a specific national or regional publications

•Offering programs to train designated group members in order to help them adapt and progress within the company is crucial to the employees. Recommendations •Luna Driving School reaches minority groups and does not discriminate against race, colour, religion, sex, and national or ethnic origin.
•The company's practices has established a human rights act or code that prohibit discrimination in employment.
•This company does not hire any job applicant as a driver instructor on the basis of race or colour, religion, age, sex, or marital status. Current Practices
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