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Central Vs. Peripheral Processing Route

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Nick Everetts

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Central Vs. Peripheral Processing Route

Central Vs. Peripheral Processing Route
Elaboration Likelihood Model
The central and peripheral route come from the ELM, which is a model that tells us when people should be particularly likely to elaborate or not elaborate on persuasive message.

Each route offers effective persuasive techniques but differ in success depending on the person receiving the message
Central Route
The central route is when people process information centrally, as they carefully evaluate message arguments and ponder implications of the communicators ideas.

This is the thinking person's route to persuasion.

Peripheral Route
Rather than examining issue-relevant arguments the peripheral route has people examine the message quickly or focus on simple cues to help them decide whether to accept the position advocated in the message.

Factors include the attractiveness of the source or background cues such as music that change the attitude of the speaker.
Perloff, R. M. (2014). Chapter 7. The dynamics of persuasion: communication and attitudes in the 21st century (5th ed., pp. 189-190). New York: Routledge.

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