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shoulder movement when serving a volleyball

No description

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of shoulder movement when serving a volleyball

overhand serve in volleyball
During an overhand serve, the first motion created by the server should look like the image to the right. The server will have their shoulder flexed, externally rotated, with their elbow flexed, and palm supinated. While creating this motion, the muscle being concentrically contracted, or the agonists, are
the biceps
middle deltoid
serratus anterior
levator scapulae
teres minor
upper & middle trapezius
The triceps and pectoralis minor will be eccentrically contracting during in this motion.
muscles involved
The rotator cuff muscles play a major role in upper extremity sports like volleyball, basketball, tennis, etc. During a serve, these muscles are highly activated.
muscles involved cont'd
pronator teres
pectoralis major
teres minor & major
levator scapulae
latissimus dorsi
muscles involved cont'd
bones and articulations of the shoulder
glenohumeral joint

scapulothoracic joint
Phase one
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