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Layers of the Atmosphere

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Kayla Jen

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Layers of the Atmosphere

Scientists call the Ionosphere the "extension of the atmosphere". The Ionosphere is located in the higher part of the mesosphere and the bottom of the thermosphere. Temperature rises as you go up.
Layers of the Atmosphere
By: Kayla, Julia, Lena, and Ava

The Layers of the Atmosphere
The Troposphere is the first layer of the atmosphere.
It is 4-12 miles from earth. The temperature ranges from -62* to 60*F. All of the weather occurs on this layer. This layer also contains the most mass in the atmosphere. The troposphere is the only layer wit lifeforms on it.
The stratosphere is the second layer in the atmosphere. It is 0 to -60°C and is starts at 16 km and ends at 50 km. Airflow is mostly horizontal, radio waves that make long-distance radio communication possible. The atmosphere protects life on earth by absorbing ultraviolet solar radiation, warming the surface through heat retention like a greenhouse effect.

The thermosphere is 600 kilometers from the earth and is the fourth layer out of all the layers in the atmosphere. It is 1000 degrees Celsius which is 1832 degrees Fahrenheit.
Aurora Borealis
( The Northern Lights)

The Aurora Borealis is in the Thermosphere/ ionosphere, and it is electrically charged particle's creating a series of lights creating a "light show"
The Mesosphere is one of the Atmosphere's layers. It is 50-85 kilometers from earth. The mesosphere is the coldest of the atmospheric layers. It has the lowest record temperature cold enough to freeze vapor into ice clouds. The temperatures in the mesosphere can drop with increasing altitude to about -100°C. The mesosphere is the coldest of the atmospheric layers.

Ozone Layer
Thanks for watching
The layers of the atmosphere have lots of gases in them. It also has solids and gases. The most common gas is Nitrogen. The second most common gas is oxygen and the least is made up of argon, carbon dioxide, water vapor and other gases. Another thing is that tiny small particles such as dust, volcanic ash, sea salt, dirt, and smoke are carried in the air. The most common liquid in the atmosphere is water. There are gases but they are not visible. Think of the air pressure as a human pyramid.
* The prefix -tropo in troposphere means "change"... this relates because the weather and clouds are constantly changing
The atmosphere protects us from meteorites
* The ionosphere's air is so thin that it's considered part of outer space

Pie Chart of The Atmosphere
The Ozone Layer is in the Stratosphere. The Ozone layer protects us from the harmful rays of sun. It's 15-20 kilometers above the earths surface. Without the Ozone layer we would be damaged by the sun.

Fun Facts
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