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Classroom Essentials

Parent Information

Janet Dickinson

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of Classroom Essentials

What will we learn
Welcome to 4th Grade!

Social Studies
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
(cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr
Science Fair

40 minutes each day!
Spelling-Study on your own
Reading-40 books for this year. (20 minutes daily)
Math-Daily/Weekly Homework Sheets

Reading & Writing
- Benchmark Curriculum-Standards focused
- Focus more on Strategies
- Daily 5 Structure
- Read to Self
- Working on Writing
- Read to Someone
- Word Work
- Writing
- 5 major writing projects during the year
-Personal Narrative, Informational, Procedural, Poetry and Book Review
Math Expressions Grade 4 Units
- Solve Multiplication & Division Word Problems
- Place Value & Multiple Digit Addition & Subtraction
- Quadrilaterals, Angles & Polygons
- Multiple Digit Multiplication & Division
- The Metric Measurement System
- Patterns, Functions, & Graphs
- Fractions and Decimals
- The U.S. Customary System

Social Studies & Science
- Learn about the different regions of our country.
- Expert of a state
- Learn the STATES and CAPITALS!
Human Body
Electricity & Magnets
Earth Materials
Engineering Is Elementary:
Building an Alarm Circuit
Building a Knee Brace
* More information to come
Important Dates
Fall Field Trip

*Field Trip James J. Hill House and Fort Snelling
10/8 Dickinson-Haug-Clark-Kronebusch
10/9 Kopp-St. Martin
Winter Field Trip
* Bakken Museum
3/15 Kopp-St. Martin-Kronebusch-Haug
3/16 Dickinson-Clark
Spring Field Trip & Poetry Slam
* Crystal Caves
June 2 Clark-Dickinson-Haug-Kronebusch
June 6 Kopp-St. Martin

Poetry Slam & Music Concert
*April 5 (TBD)

Parent & STUDENT conferences
Fall November 12 & 16
Spring February 11 & 16

REPORT CARDS are online only-unless you let your teacher know.

Pretest all units
Differentiate within the classrooms (Part 1 & Part 2)
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