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the impact

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on 2 March 2016

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Transcript of the impact

The Rocky mountains and the vail ski Resort
the Vail Resort teaches people how to ski and have fun!

The geography around these land marks is the forest and mountains around both land marks but vail has a lot of snow sourrounding it.
government and how it is involved
the government made the
land marks around the resorts.

how does the rocky mountains show impact?
the rocky mountains is important to Colorado history because before the rocky mountains, it had ancient trails, game drives, and lodges.
The Vail resort is important to Colorado history because the first people who explored vail was Gorge Gore, and Jim Bridger. Later Gorge came back and named the resort after Gore.
the impact on the
the way up
how is the rocky mountains important to Colorado history?
The Rocky Mountains shows you wild life and incourages people to get out in the fresh air.
how is the vail resort important to Colorado history?
Fun Facts

They both are in the same area.
In world war II the army trained
to ski in vail
geography surrounding
this land mark
They are both
in the same area.
vail is snowyer
then the
rocky mountains.
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