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Leadership & Peer Support

No description

Caleb Milberry

on 30 January 2016

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Transcript of Leadership & Peer Support

What Makes a Good Leader?
A good leader shows respect and earns the trust of their team, expresses what they mean exactly and leaves no room for guessing, is direct with what they want, never critizes the effort someone has put forth but describes what they want, and asks about some stuff instead of always telling which builds self awarness and development
My leadership Experiences
During my semester I have had many chances to improve on my leadership skills with small groups and times there was a substitute teacher present, all these chances let me improve on my skills by using what was in our lessons and activities to good use and actually putting them to work
Other Factors Effecting Leadership

There are many diiferent factors that can effect a person if they are a good leader or not, if you grew up in an environment where you had chances to lead and improve on your communication or had siblings it can make you a better leader. My mentor was a great example of how id like to improve my leadership traits to be more like him. In the summer I get chances to imporve my leadership skills ny coaching a football team and this class has given me ideas of how to do that.
Who I am as a Leader?
In concussion I have improved tremendously with my leadership qualities from the begining of the semester, I find that perople take me more seriously about what I am triying to say and that it is easier for me to say what I would like to have done, One of my biggest goals coming out of this class would be to continue improving my leadership skills to become the best leader I can be.
Leadership & Peer Support
By: Caleb Milberry
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