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Taxation in the EU

No description

Barbora Výsmeková

on 10 November 2012

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Transcript of Taxation in the EU

Your opinion What kind of alcohol do you prefer?

How much money do you spend for alcohol per week?

Where do you think the tax is the highest/lowest?

What´s your opinion an this tax at all? Taxation and
in the EU Content Introduction

Excise duty structures and collections

Alcohol consumption Introduction Culture of drinking

WHO- the World Health Organization

excise duty structures and collections Different between members states


Welcome by Barbora and Marek consumption what we drink? beer 44%

wine 33%

spirits 23% Youth drinking 15-year-olds

15- to 16-year-old students

"drunk babies" bye bye Facts about EU 12,6 liters

85% and 15%

15% or 70% are like we?

hangover 5 times every year specifically state consumption abstainers heavy

Hungarians 17.9 6.4% 12.4%

Slovaks 15.4 7.7% 8.8%

Czechs 14.0 11.9% 19.1%

the Danish 13.7 12.0% 11.3%

Swedes 8.0 11.3% 6.5% fun begins get on top
c u in
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