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Five Themes of Geography

No description

Sarena Z

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of Five Themes of Geography

Five Themes of Geography
By Sarena Z.

Cape Town, South Africa
Cape town is situated in the south-western area of South Africa. It is 33.9253°S, 18.4239°E next to the Atlantic Ocean. The city-center is between Table Mountain and Table Bay, as the entire city covers from Atlantis in the North to Cape point in the South and Somerset West in the East to Hout Bay in the West.
Cape Town is the legislative capitol of South Africa with a population of 3.74 million people since 2011. There are a variety of cultures such as Christians, Muslims, Jewish, Hindu and traditional African beliefs. Cape Town is known for their stadium, which held the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and also has one of the most busiest airports in South Africa.
I chose this photo because you can easily see the detail of the city.
This picture suits the theme Location because it is a map of South Africa, which clearly shows where Cape Town is located.
Transportation: Cars, trucks, planes, trains, buses, ships, taxis, cabs, boats, etc.

Imports: Cables, mobile cranes, grapes (fresh), milk, parts of structures, newspapers, aircraft parts, etc.
Exports: industrial goods, grape wines, oils, citrus fruit, fish, parts of a motor vehicle, diamonds, etc.
News: Cape Times (IOL), online, or simply by talking to each other
Cape Town is located in the Western Cape of South Africa, next to Eastern Cape and Northern Cape. It is also situated near the cape floral region which is one of the richest areas for plants to grow in. It covers an area of 2455 km . Table Mountain and Signal Hill are in Cape Town on the side of the Atlantic Ocean.
I chose this picture because it shows an example of how people get from one place to another by their vehicles.
Because Cape Town is very pubic, it is very easy for people to interact with each other. They can go to the mall, grocery store, and more and talk to one another.
The environment can affect us in many different ways. It can create a great influence on the decisions we make on our everyday life.
For example, the weather can have a positive or negative impact on our daily lives. Whether it's a natural disaster or the weather is nice out that day, it may cause us to be in a certain mood.
The picture on the bottom right are the regions of South Africa and the photo above is a map of Cape Town.
I chose this photo because on March 1, 2015 there was a fire in Cape Town, affecting about 2 000 people and damaging 13 properties. It can relate to Interactions because the fire had struck many people in a negative way.
Cape Town has mountainous and scenic
and beautiful beaches.
in January, February, March, November and December is particularly dry, while the wettest month is June. It has warm summers and mild, but usually wet winters. False Bay, Black River and Lourens River provide
In the Western Cape, it contains sandy loams, which are made up of sand and different
. It contains mostly sand but has enough clay and other particles to allow it to still be structured and fertilized.
are not as healthy due to the mostly dry weather conditions. The area is called fynbos biome which has certain plant species that are acidic and have poor nutrients.
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