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Flowers In The Attic

No description

Nicole Cann

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Flowers In The Attic

Flowers in The Attic
By: V.C. Andrews

Nicole Cann
2nd Hour

The tone throughout the story is reminisent, sarcastic, melancholic, and bitter. Amongst the children's time in the attic, they quickly lose their good spirits, as their grandmother mentally and physically abuses them. Being forced to memorize Bible passages teaches them a new way of thinking and speaking.

Characters and Conflicts
Plot Summary
Works Cited
Flowers In The Attic Filmed At Castle Hill. 2013. Photograph. WordPress.com, Ipswitch, Massachusetts . Web. 12 Apr 2014. <http://bigoldhouses.wordpress.com/2013/04/01/flowers-in-the-attic-filmed-at-castle-hill/>.
" It is so appropriate to color hope yellow, like that sun we seldom saw. And as I begin to copy from the old memorandum journals that I kept for so long, a title comes as if inspired.
Open the Window and Stand in the Sunshine
. Yet, I hesitate to name our story that. For I think of us more as flowers in the attic. Paper flowers. Born so brightly colored, and fading duller through all those long, grim, dreary, nightmarish days when we were held prisoners of hope, and kept captives by greed. But, we were never to color even one of our paper blossoms yellow."
- V.C. Andrews,
Flowers In The Attic, Page 3
"We lived in the attic, Christopher, Cory, Carrie, and me, now there are only three.”
Catherine Dollanganger
- Outgoing, determined, eldest daughter.
Christopher Dollanganger
- Confident, intellegent, eldest son.
Carrie Dollanganger
- Loud and unbashful youngest daughter.
Cory Dollanganger
- Reserved youngest son.
Corrine Dollanganger
- Spoiled daughter exiled from Foxworth Hall.
Olivia Foxworth
- Corrine's mother.
Malcom Foxworth
- Corrine's father.
Christopher Dollanganger Sr
.- Malcom's younger half- brother, Corrine's husband.
If I could change the end of the book, I would want for Corrine's fiance Bart to find the children and help them.
What I Would Have Changed
I personally think that this is a book that everyone should read. This is a type of book that many people have different opinions about.
The publishers of the book had written on the cover "A Tale Of Forbidden Love" and I just don't feel that does it any justice. This book and the rest of the series describe what power and a well known name can benefit and also make a person suffer from. This is a long story about betrayal, overridding circumstances, and revenge. I think this is a wonderful book that will make you think about your family ties, morals, and humanity.
If you like finding clues in passages, looking through family ties, and old writing, you will definitley like this book.
Flowers In The Attic would be a very good book for young adults to read.
On his 36th birthday, a father dies in a car crash leaving his four children (Christopher, Catherine, Carrie, and Corrie) and his unemployed wife (Corrine) to fend for themselves. Mourning for her deceased husband, Corrine hadn't had much thought to the debts they'd had. Soon they were going to have their house repossesed. Desperate, she sent letters to her incredibly wealthy mother and dying father who lived in Virginia for shelter and to be rewritten into her father's will.
The story first takes place around the 1960s at the Dollanganger household. A comfortable middle class home.
Then moves to Foxworth Hall, the mansion the grandparents live in. A very large, expensive, empty, quiet place.
Foxworth Hall
The theme of this story is how greed, deception, and power will make you forget who you once were.
If their grandfather knew that Corrine had had children in her first marriage he would have banished her immediatley, considering she would have had children with his half brother. So the children had to be kept a secret until he died. After a year of hiding in the attic with no sunlight and little food, the children began to become sick and malnourished. Also aloof with their mother for going to parties and dates and leaving them to dwindle.
After about three years in the attic, and the death of their youngest brother, Corrine tells the children that she'd gotten married to her father's lawyer. Enraged, Cathy and Chris begin to take money from their mothers room- enough to escape the attic and make it in the real world by themselves. Once when they go to steal, they find the room empty except for Corrine's old engagement ring, wedding ring, and a picture of their father. Returning back to the attic, Chris hears the butler speaking to a guest about the grandfather's death nine months before. Taking what they had, the left Foxworth Hall, Cathy swearing revenge on their mother for almost killing them.
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