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NEC Presentation V.2

No description

Melissa Madgwick

on 26 August 2015

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Transcript of NEC Presentation V.2

A world where no student
is disadvantaged by location
iCentre - Enabling better quality education in schools
Northern Territory
Western Australia
South Australia
New South Wales
Australia’s most unique Territory
45,000 school aged children
Improving Australia’s education system
Where to next?

a brighter world
NEC’s vision is to continue to “Brighten the World for Students” in the Territory through lightening the load and reducing challenges for teachers!

a brighter world

5023 teachers
200 schools
70% of schools are very remote
34 schools have 100% indigenous enrollments

Every day, our innovative solutions for society contribute to greater safety, security, efficiency and equality, and enable people to live brighter lives...
Continual service improvement
Inclusion of curriculum based resources
Expand nationally
Commercialise and broaden reach
Increase uptake to realise benefits
Major Problems
Single location for all ICT documentation
Self-help guides
Technical and Procedural Information
Events and Change Calendar
Core ICT Infrastructure
Distributed ICT Infrastructure
Business Applications
Detail all major outages
Detail all known problems
Provide Post Incident Reports (PIR)
Allow end users to report and track the status of incidents
Allow ICTC’s to manage and escalate issues within their schools
Service Level Reporting
Internet Usage Reporting
Helpdesk Reports and Trending
Infrastructure Reporting
New Project Requests
Status of existing projects
FOI Requests
Legal Investigations
Disciplinary Investigations
NEC Service Desk Documentation
Learning Centre
Information Sharing
NT School discusses the benefits of iCentre
iCentre and Benefits featuring NT Dept. Education CIO
"It provides a modern and convenient approach to support staff in delivering education outcomes"

Satpinder Daroch
Challenges for remote teachers
Staff turnover
Increased responsibilities
Insufficient time
Lack of awareness and trust of ICT services
IT complexity
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