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Holocaust Museum Houston: All Behaviors Count (social cruelty)

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Education HMH

on 14 November 2016

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Transcript of Holocaust Museum Houston: All Behaviors Count (social cruelty)

Types of Social Cruelty
Ganging Up
True or False?
True or False?
put downs
being laughed at
being made fun of
"There's something wrong with you."
preys on fear of being inferior
being ignored
don't include
"You don't belong."
preys on fear of isolation
reject as member of group
shun person
vandalized or stolen possessions
verbal attacks
"You can be pushed around."
preys on fear of weakness
being hit, shoved or beaten up
mean texts or emails
posting hurtful photos
actions by one or many
"You can't control the bad things people say about you."
preys on fear of defamation
malicious stories
pass mean notes
repeat a secret
gossiping to spread lies
in person, over phone, via the Internet
Ganging Up
"You have no friends to support you, only enemies against you."
preys on fear of persecution
the many against one
verbal or physical
can involve other 4 forms of cruelty
tormenting an individual
Workplace or School
PERSISTENT and hostile communication
verbal and nonverbal aggression
Coming up next...
Responding to a survey
Working in groups
Keep in mind goals of the day
Goals for the program
Be more aware of how we treat others and the effects of our own actions
Be kinder in our actions towards one another
Form the
community we want
Be leaders who stand against social cruelty
Recognize this problem exists across society
Responding to Taunting
Defend your peer
Ignore the person / don't show reaction
Use communication skills to block the teasing
Identify who can help/ ask for help
Defend yourself
Responding to Exclusion
Be welcoming to others
Include others...even if you don't want to (Golden Rule)
Consider why you are not being included and change behavior
If it happens a lot, find new friends who care about the right things
Responding to Bullying
Document and Report: school, home, community -- maybe even police
Recognize why person is bullying...the defensiveness of these types of actions
Stand up for the other: even just standing next to a person being bullied sometimes stops that action. Walk the target to his/her next class.
Don't be a bully: it's not okay
Responding to Rumoring
Be careful what you put online
Follow the Golden Rule
Don't gossip
Report threats
Don't repeat gossip
Beware of the permanence...and the legal issues of posting
Responding to Ganging Up
Find your support network
Choose kind and true friends
Defend your peers
Be an individual: treat each other as individuals
Remember: it is okay to march to the beat of a different drummer
Be an Upstander
Building Power Packs
As individuals...
As students or employees...
As global citizens...
As a community...
As media literate consumers...
Coming Up Next
Create a butterfly...
one side = your own power pack tools
the other side = people who model social resiliency and respect
"When will our consciences grow so tender that we will act to
human misery
rather than avenge
it?" Eleanor Roosevelt
imbalance of power: one-sided
intended to harm
continues after objection
an attack
The problem with gossip...
Three Filter Test
Universe of Obligation
Social cruelty at work or at school
may take the following forms:
offensive jokes
withholding of information
unrelenting criticism
-- Estimated number of students who
skip school daily to avoid being bullied

-- Percentage of students
who report being bullied.

-- Percentage of
gay and lesbian students who report being bullied.
“All of the Germans that lived in my hometown [Lodz, Poland], many of them who were friends of my parents before the war, all of a sudden were even scared to talk to us and avoided us.” -- Holocaust Survivor Walter Kase
“The churches basically preached that the Jews killed Christ, and they got the parishioners ready at the churches to hate us or whatever they could do to attack us.” -- Holocaust Survivor Bill Morgan
“I remember wearing my star on the front and on the back, and I was approaching two boys who were wearing the Hitler Jugend [Youth] bands, German boys with the swastikas on their arms, and I was crossing the street facing them; and when I passed them, one of them picked up a rock and threw the rock and hit me in the head, and I went running home crying that I didn’t do anything wrong, that I just walked by there, and why would somebody hit me with a rock? And my parents – my mother explained to me at that time how things were going to be, that when I see them I should step off the street.” -- Holocaust Survivor Walter Kase
“We were perhaps a group of Jewish kids that went to school. And during the religious hours, they had a Catholic religious hour, we stayed out, naturally, and I recall when the bell rang and they were out of the religious hour, they attacked us constantly. We dreaded to see that religious hour because we knew we had to be on our feet then and run.”
-- Holocaust Survivor Bill Morgan
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