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Copy of James Watt, Steam engine presentation

History presentation

Ofelia Mmm

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Copy of James Watt, Steam engine presentation

Industrial revolution explorers
What?: steam power
James Watt
Watt was born in Greenock, Scotland and at the age of 19 went to Glasgo, London to learn how to be a mathmatical-instrument maker, this is where he first got to work on the Newcomen engine
Before Watt reformed the steam engine it was only used for pumping water out of mines
Seeing the Newcomen engine inspired him to build his own
James Watt was working as a tool maker when he got his first look at a Newcomen steam engine.
James Watt
Watt noticed that there where some minor faults to the engine
Watt liked mechanical equipment and steam power was a personal favorite of his
Watt refined the Newcomen engine into a more powerful more useful engine
Newcomen engine
Watt first got the idea to seperatly cool the steam in a condenser in 1765
The very next day he built a prototype and found that it worked
Watt worked on his idea for 4 years before geting it patented in 1769
Watt was influenced by a friend of his, a proffessor named Dr. Robinson was the man who gave Watt the idea to make a steam powered buggy
Watt noticed that the Newcomen engine was not very fuel efficent, the seperate heating and cooling of the cylinder was cause for that.
The new Watt steam engine was 75% more fuel efficent
Watt knew there was a way to make the steam engine more efficent
He was curious to see if the steam engine could become powerful enough to power vehicles
How did it apply then?
The steamlocomotive was invented in 1833 and was a big step forward in transport at that time
How does it apply today?
The Navy uses nuclear power driven aircraft carriers to transport their jets and helicopters
The aircraft carriers nuclear engine turnes water into steam and runs it through turbines to power the propeller
How may it apply in the future?
Watt's work on steam was crutial to the engines we use today for transport
One day we may be able to make the steam engine efficient enough to put in our cars and replace the internal combustion engine
If it can be made stable steam could be addapted to jet aircraft or transport planes
Thank you !
Patrick, Alex, Ofelia, Shawn, Ma.
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