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Future Tecnology

No description

Eloise de Perthuis

on 9 May 2017

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Transcript of Future Tecnology

Gaming and entertainment

.Joined by eSports

Future Medicine
Future transport
Future Homes
http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/n13xtmd5 <BBC Click>
ted ed
bbc click on tv
powered by Eloise
Able to test if you have Parkinsons Disease using your phone by using voice tests that only take 30 seconds rather then 30 minutes.
.smartphone app that helps you hug a stranger
.if you just need a hug, a new app aims to help you find a like-minded person nearby

.Cat ears link your brain and computer
. reads our facial expressions and wearable cat ears that sense excitement in our brain and automatically capture our happy moments on camera.

.US military
.Practices them from mental stress and simulates real life
. Modern Ware fare 2
.Boot Camp for Young People, uses simulation for army
.The movie 'Ender's Game' Portrays this Idea
.Provide 360 Degrees head tracking
.Every movement of your head is tracked
.3D view with professional depth, scale, and parallax.
.Unlike 3D on a television or in a movie, this is more efficient
.Parallel images for each eye
It costs $350.00
Printing a Human Kidney. There is a group of scientists who have designed a printer which is able to scan the patient and find if anything is wrong with them and print a human organ that needs to be replaced,such as a kidney.
Surgery without cutting, Scientist are able do do surgery in the brain without having to damage any tissue.
A way of preventing babies from dying from being too cold is having a type of sleeping bag with wax in the back that can be melted and heated for the babies to keep warm for a cheap price.
Getting to have a vaccination without having to use a needle, done by using a “sophisticated finger”.It has a nanopath that is pressed down to the skin which releases the vaccine then you take it off and its complete.
Google is creating self-driving cars that allow you to type a destination and the car will take you there.They are completely crash-proof.
Illuminating high-ways that glow in the dark, which will improve driving safety and decrease the need for street lights.

There will be trains that levitate using magnetic fields which will be called "magleves".

There will be a blimp that will be able to carry lots of materials as well as people, over cities and oceans.It will have bedrooms and restaurants due to its huge size.

future communication

.A collaboration between Japanese media artist Nobumichi Asai, make-up artist Hiroto Kuwahara and digital image engineer Paul Lacroix
.The Omote project uses projection mapping
.effects onto a model's face in real-time.

future fashion
powered by Eloise
powered by Eloise
Houses are going to have one main robot to control almost everything in the homes and will be able to serve and talk to you as well as help you with your business.
smart mirror offers wrinkle and makeup advice
There is going to be a mat at the front door that will charge the electric devices all at once.

.Smart mirror offers wrinkle advice
.the newest smart home devices are being designed to fit seamlessly into our lives.
Some houses will have their own power generation source and will be able to sell power to their neighbours who are not set up yet.

Houses will have a system that re-use the dirty water from showers to flush the toilet and eventually to drink.

Smart phone apps will be able to control things in your home, for example turn your oven on, check the fridge temperature and turn the washing machine on.

Using predictive intelligence, houses will be able to save energy knowing that you will need more heat for an upcoming cold spell.

Home entertainment will combine virtual reality and be more interactive.

There will be screens around the house and in the kitchen that, for example, will tell you how to use a product or when you are running low on an ingredient.
In the future, most of the cars will be electric or hybrid which will help to decrease pollution.
A hyperloop is something that will carry passengers in a passenger-pod within a metal tube, the pod gets pushed along by compressed air.It travels very fast because there is no friction.

There will be flying drones that will deliver: pizza ,groceries ,packages and some homes will have drones delivering water and electricity and disposing of trash and sewerage

Oculus Rift
shooting games get serious.
Gaming can now pay your tuition fees
example of game used by oculus
Meet Cuddlr
Faces transformed with digital masks
Future Technology
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