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Crash Course: Tumblr Vocabulary

No description

Timmy Calhoun

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Crash Course: Tumblr Vocabulary

Tumblr Vocabulary Crash Course: Tumb ling v. The act of wasting one's time on the site called "Tumblr." Fan gasm n. An expression, derived from the words fanatic and orgasm, of extreme happiness or stimulation caused by seeing or hearing something related to your interests. Ship N. A relationship between two characters/ people/ objects/abstract concepts. Can be either romantic or sexual. Lol V. The action of laughing out loud, often used to show amusement ranging from mild to extreme. Re blog v. To take a post from another blog and put it on your own blog with all appropriate sources. Headcanon n. A concept or idea which may not be canon, but is accepted as such in ones own mind. Anon n. One who is anonymous. Fan dom n. A group of people who all share an interest in a series, person, etc. which is usually fictional. Fan girl N. One who is a part of a fandom, generally becomes obsessive over their favorite characters and will viciously protect their headcanons and ships. OTP n. A person's ship with two characters which they believe are perfect together and belong together. Supersedes all other ships. Night blog ging N. the action of posting messages on Tumblr when it is so late that one's brain no longer inhibits actions or strange thoughts. Hip ster n. A person who rejects the social norm as being "too mainstream," so that they can be more of an individual. Su per who lock n. A conglomerate fandom made up of fans of Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock, created by the fact that many who are in one of these fandoms is in one, if not both, of the other two. Done Adj. An emotional state where one feels a physical tiredness and cannot take any more of the earlier stimuli. Stuck Suffix. An ending applied to words to describe their assimilation into the Homestuck Fandom. Bloodmouth N. A term coined by vegans on Tumblr to describe
those who eat meat, it has become proudly worn, by
those it is meant to shame, as a compliment. Notes N. A unit of measure of the popularity of posts on Tumblr which can use likes, reblogs, and comments
to denote a popular post. Canon Adj. Describes ideas or concepts which are a part of an original work. Fanon adj. A form of shared or widely accepted head-canon in which a large section of the fandom believes it. Key smash v. to widely attack the keyboard with ones hands, often denoting extreme emotion. Butt hurt adj. Feeling futile rage over meaningless details. Cos play n. A costume, often homemade, meant to look like a character which on is dressing up as. Feels n. a term meant to denote emotion, particularly sadness. Nope Interj. An exclamation of dislike, usually accompanied by an attempt to distance one's self from the cause of dislike. GIF n. An animated image made from running a series of images together at speed. Ask n. A question submitted to a user on Tumblr which
can range in content from naively innocent to terribly perverted. Rage-quit v. To stop or shut down, usually violently, after
repeated failed attempts, or other growing annoyances, lead to a loss of the desire to continue. Tumblr-Crush n. A term derived from the name of the site, Tumblr, and a term for a mild affection for someone, which denotes one of the top nine people whose posts you either reblog or like the most from. DFTBA interj. a phrase made popular among Nerdfighters which is meant to remind those whom it is directed at to make
the most out of their life and to improve the world around them. Hello, my name is Timothy Calhoun and this is . . . One True Pairing . . . [lol] Laugh Out Loud . . . . . Ex. After those exams I am just 100% done. No alternate forms Alternate Forms: Superwholockian (Adj.) Alternate Forms: Reblogged (V.) Reblogger (Adj.) Reblogging (V.) Alternate Forms: Hipsters (N.) Ex. "Who mixed the Skittles with M&M's?" "LOL!" Alternate Forms: Lolled (v.) Lolling (v.) Ex. Did you see the recent surge of Fandomstuck art? Don't Forget To Be Awesome . . . No Alternate Forms Ex. Instead of homework, I spend my time Tumbling. Ex. Did you hear about the rabid John Green fandom? They're in an uproar about his next baby. Alternate Forms: Fandoms (n.) Note: This is rarely an actually orgasm. Ex. When I saw that picture, I fangasmed for a good minute. Alternate Forms: Fangasmed (v.) Fangasming (v.)
Fangasms (n.) v. To experience a fangasm. V. To express extreme emotion in response to art or actions related to their interests. Similar to Fangasm. Ex. The rabid fangirl attacked me when I told her that those poses weren't even physically possible. Alternate Forms: Fangirling (v.) Fangirled (v.)
Fangirls (n.) Note: If the person is male, replace the "-girl" with "-boy." V. To pair two characters/people/objects/abstract concepts as a couple. Ex. Insulting a fan's ship is worse than insulting a fan's mother. Alternate Forms: Ships (n.) Shipper (n.) Shipping (v.) Shipped (v.) No Alternate Forms Ex. "The color sensing pen and the Rainbow book are my OTP. They even beat 'bacon/mouth'" Note: This is often used jokingly, but can be completely serious. Graphics Interchange Format v. To post strange "realizations" on Tumblr when one can no longer think normally. No Alternate Forms Ex. When my friend was Nightblogging last night, they wondered if saliva is the tears of taste buds. Ex. The man just couldn't stop reblogging the pictures cats that his friends were posting. Note: Hipsters will often act in a similar fashion to other hipsters. This is to enhance the rejection of social norms. Ex. I wore a scarf school during the summer, but then took it off because it made me look like a hipster. Ex. Superwholock has found its way into every part of Tumblr, it has members in every other fandom. Ex. Ex. I love when they call us "Bloodmouths," it sounds so metal. No alternate forms Alternate forms: Bloodmouths (n.) Ex. The amount of notes the fluffy chicken got shows how awesome it is. No alternate forms Ex. As much as I wanted them to be, fluffy unicorns aren't canon. No alternate forms Ex. My head-canon is that the Tardis's swimming pool has Tardis-blue water. Alternate Form: Headcanons (n.) Ex. No alternate forms Ex. Whenever she sees pictures of Daniel Radcliffe, she keysmashes wildly. Alternate forms: Keysmashing (v.) Keysmashed (v.) Ex. Many fans are butthurt over the fact that Ash doesn't age, staying ten-years-old indefinitely. No alternate forms n. the visible acting upon feelings of annoyance among fans. v. To dress up as a character from a work of media. Ex. His Jack Frost cosplay looked so realistic. Alternate forms: cosplays (n.) cosplayer (n.) cosplaying (v.) Cosplayed (v.) Ex. Whenever I see fan-made letters to dead character, I am assaulted with feels. No alternate forms Ex. when I saw a spider in a oreo, I said "Nope," and threw my computer out of the window. No alternate forms Ex. GIFs are like miniature movies, just without the sound, and repeating indefinitely. No alternate forms Ex. My top Tumblr-crush makes up for forty percent of my reblogs. Alternate forms: Tumblr-Crushes (n.) adj. Something done anonymously Ex. Those anon asks are getting really weird. Do you have any idea who it might be? Alternate forms: Anons (n.) Ex. When I did an honesty hour, I got some strange asks. Alternate forms: asks (n.) Ex. After her hundredth attempt to beat the boss, she rage-quit, saying that they had made him impossible. No alternate forms Moffat N. a souless sociopath who makes it his job to make fans of Doctor Who and Sherlock cry. Interj. An exclamation denoting anger at Moffat's ability to manipulate emotions. Ex. The Ponds were supposed to live! Moffat! No alternate forms Thank you for watching! Don't Forget To Be Awesome
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