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Wind turbines have been used since 2000 B.C and were first c

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tyler t

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Wind turbines have been used since 2000 B.C and were first c

Wind turbines have been used since 2000 B.C and were first created in China and Persia.
Wind energy is currently the fastest growing electricity population in the world.
A single wind turbine can power up to 500 homes.
Most wind turbines are constructed on private land.

The normal wind turbine has to be brought to the site in one big piece but some other ones can be brought in many different small pieces which makes them easier to transport.

Large wind turbines (used to produce 1.8 megawatts of power) have blades as long as 130ft.

Wind energy has been contributing to about 1 percent of the world’s total power.

Wind energy is a clean inexhaustible energy source that is used to make power.

Wind turbines are used to convert the kinetic energy of the wind to electrical power.

Modern wind turbines can power more electricity than the other turbines built in 1990.

American wind power is a $10 billion a year company.
By 2030 wind energy can save about 30 trillion bottled water.
Unlike about every other energy, wind power uses no water.
About 559 wind power companies produce the power fro over 44 states.

Some of the smaller wind turbines cost about $8,000 per kilowatt of power.
The larger commercial use turbines cost roughly about $2-3 million when they are all installed.
A 10 kilowatt turbine can cost about $50,000

The wind is free and with modern technology it can be captured efficiently
Once the wind turbines are built the energy it produces doesn’t cause greenhouse gases or other pollutant.
Although some of the turbines are tall, most of them take up a small land plot.
Many people find wind farms an interesting feature to the landscape.
Areas that are not connected to the electricity power from the city then they can use the wind turbines as their power.

Made of concrete, reinforced with steel poles.
2 different designs.
One is a shallow flat disk 40 feet in diameter and three feet thick.
The other is a deep cylinder, 15 feet in diameter, and 16 feet deep.

The tower is commonly a white steel cylinder, about 200 feet tall, and about 10 feet in width.
Some towers are lattice towers that are like the Eiffel tower.
Towers have a ladder in the inside which is used to hold equipment for the turbine workers.

Wind farms in Australia cost about 2.2 million dollars in Australian money to produce the wind turbines.

The wind farm in Australia has a combined 953 megawatts of power from the wind turbines.

Wind energy is energy that comes from wind from wind turbines or on a wind farm.



Noise Control- the wind turbines may cause a lot of noise, that is why most wind farm are not built near residential housing areas.
Threat to Wildlife- The construction of the wind turbines and wind farms may cause more harm to the nearby wildlife areas.
No Prediction of Wind- The wind can never be predicted so one day the wind isn't as strong and not have any power to produce.
Visual Impact- Some people say that wind turbines may look nice but some people don’t like the wind turbines and say that they have an undesirable experience.

The blades are used to capture the winds energy.
The special design of the blades make it easier for the wind energy to be captured.
The new modern wind mill blades make it easier for them to move then the old farm mills.

4 blades
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