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Unit 6- Conflict 3: World War II


Teri Lina

on 18 July 2017

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Transcript of Unit 6- Conflict 3: World War II

World war II
September 1, 1939-
Germany invaded Poland with the blitzkreig; WWII begins!
September 3, 1939- FINALLY:
Britain and France declared WAR on Germany
the German 'Blitzkreig'-
. "Lightening War"-
German military strategy for a quick take-over
September 17, 1939-
Russia invades Poland
from the East!
By the End of 1939, other countries involved were (with Allies):
- Australia
- South Africa
- Canada
The Italian offensive
Italy did not declare War until:
JUNE 1940
- Most of Italy's fighting took place:
Greece & Turkey
After a few successes,
. Italy began losing in Africa- they called to Germany for back-up!!!
The Japanese offensive
Major fighting took place in 1937 (before WWII)
Japan invaded China with a massive and violent force
The German offensive
Anti-Jewish propoganda by the Nazi's
The Massacre of Nanjing:
. The Japanese took Nanjing
(China's capital)- around 200,000 Chinese were killed; about
50,000 women raped & tortured
the bombing of pearl harbor

December 7, 1941
. The US declared WAR on Japan,
entering them into WWII. More than 2,000
people died when the military base was bombed
June 1940-
. Germany takes control
of FRANCE!!! (Except Vichy). One of Germany's
biggest threats was now OUT of WWII
Battle of Britain:
1940-41; massive German air raids of London and other English cities

Result: Germany eventually gave up- Britain prevented a loss
. June, 1941- .
Germany invaded the USSR!!!
Germany Vs. Russia
Operation Barbarossa:
. June 1941- Germany's plan to invade
the USSR- take over Stalingrad before winter!
**Hitler's BIG Mistake-
. He split his troops in half-
half went to Stalingrad, half went to conquer oil
fields in South-East Russia
** Because of this decision, the plan to take over Russia was delayed...
here comes the russian winter!!
By 1942, Germany had suffered through
a Russian Winter
Battle of stalingrad:

July 17, 1942- February 2, 1943
. This was the first substantial German
defeat! Stalingrad was burned to the ground- Of 1 million soldiers, 750,000 were casualties
** Causes of Death:
Wounds, infection,
starvation, hypothermia
The Battle of stalingrad was significant because:
It stalled Germany's army and severely weakened it
before the US came to aid the Allies.
By 1944,
. Germany's troops were
exhausted & they began losing battles
the end is near!
April 30, 1945-
. Adolf Hitler kills himself; the new democratic gov. in Germany surrenders soon after Hitler's death
But Japan is still fighting !!!
the us gives japan an ultimatum-
Surrender, or we will drop our A-bomb!!
August 6, 1945-
The US a-bombs Hiroshima- kills almost 100,000 instantly
August 9, 1945-
Japan still has not surrendered
US a-bombs Nagasaki
** Japan finally surrendered, which ended WWII**
aftermath of World War II:


60- over 70 million people DEAD
Millions of Holocaust survivors were
League of Nations is reformed; becomes
the UN (United Nations)
The Nuremburg and Tokyo Trials
- The United Nations held international trials
for those accused of "War Crimes"

- In Germany, 24 people were initially tried; 19 were found guilty. 11 were sentenced to death
* This is the first time that:
. Government officials
were ever held accountable for war crimes!
D-Day- June 6, 1944
Allied invasion (US, Brit, Canada) of Normandy, France
Considered largest one-day invasion in history
Begins a series of German losses
The AXIS Powers
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