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Business Plan: Cuie inc.

No description

Danielle Hutchings

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of Business Plan: Cuie inc.

Business Plan

Cuie inc.
Business model and Profitability
Competition and Strategy
Technology and Related Processes
Description of the Problem
Marketing and Sales Plan
Financial Projections
Danielle Hutchings
Amy Magdalein
COO. Director of Technical Affairs
Michelle Irish
CFO. Financial Director and Legal Representative
What is the problem?
Who is the target?
What is the product?
At home nail salon: The ManiBot
Benefits of the ManiBot
Have time for more important things
Opportunities in the cosmetic market
Long term repeat business
women spend over 15,000, a lifetime on cosmetics
women use up to 6 beauty products, daily
Last year the cosmetic industry average 10.3 billion dollars in profit
The opportunity is enormous
Benefits of targeting the cosmetic market?
What is Cuie's business model?
The manufacture and shipment of an at home manicure system through a dedicated website at an affordable cost.
How will Cuie make a profit?
By charging a premium for a product that will deliver value and convenience to our loyal customer base. Customers will continue to purchase additional accessories for their Mani Bot which includes polishes, jewels, glitter, and nail filers.
Who is Cuie's competition?
How will Cuie be better?
Cuie offers something that the big name brands have yet to bring to the table.
That is, affordable, in home care, for you nails!
Manicures will be accurate and precise using advance technology
Manicures will be automatic, no longer manual
Saves time, money, and travel
Can be used in the privacy of your own home
Is "open" any time of the day

What technology is needed?
Robotic finger grips
Silicone casing
Colored light bulbs
Nail color cartridges
What partnerships are needed?
How will Cuie promote ManiBot?
How will Cuie sell ManiBot ?
Required Funding
Growth Potential
Projecting $3 million within 3 years
$149.99 to sell
$74.99 to assemble
$3 polish to sell
$1.50 polish to create
$3 design to sell
$1.50 design to create

Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Kate Siegwald
Leadership Team
Spokesperson, CEO. Responsible for Public Relations
Marketing and Advertising Director
Teenage girls
Working Mom
People just don't have the time anymore
It is costly to go to the salon weekly
People are walking in public with un-manicured fingers
Have beautiful nails:
Avoid weekly expenses
Sally Hanson
It saves our customers money in the long run
The average manicure is $25.00-30.00.
That is over $300.00 a year!
There is no competition for this type of product
Home manicures are still done manually
People spend hundreds of dollars each month to maintain their beauty
The product itself
Finding an engineer or roboticist who can build the ManiBot
The cost of parts and labor
Big companies
Companies who have tech staff and capital may try making one first.
Contracts for certain aspects of the product
will we need to give up part ownership to accomplish this venture
Nail polish and accessories manufacturers
International nail manufacturer
Celebrity sponsorship
Social media advertising
Media interviews and events
Host technology and beauty events
Bogo specials for refills
Technology and Beauty contests
Word of mouth
The cost of the product will $149.99
That is a one time fee
The ManiBot never has to be replaced, only the nail products need to be refilled
Buffer etc.
Beauty stores
Tech stores
Product Costs
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