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Audio-Video Interleave format (AVI)

No description

Jon Eriksen

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of Audio-Video Interleave format (AVI)

Audio-Video Interleave format (AVI)
Quicktime format (MOV)
Material Exchange Format (MXF)

Open lossless codecs: Motion JPEG 2000 or HuffyUV.

Lossy codecs: MPEG2, MPEG4, DV, MJPEG2000


Keep it simple

2. Decide

Personal Digital Archiving


Set up a schedule for maintenance and backup

Consider writing an Archiving Policy

Archive last updated: February 2, 2013
System: Windows XP, SP3…
Photos opened with: Photoshop CS6, v.1.12
Videos opened with: VLC media player, v.3.4

Tell Somebody

Managing the archive long term

Be sure to check your saved files at least once a year to make sure you can read them.

Plan to migrate your archive every few years to a new computer or storage system.

Export/Save as textfile/“.txt”

Formatting will be lost.

You must download attachments and save them separately.

Include Metadata such as sender and subject

Which version do I keep?

4. Save copies in different places…

3. Organize

(open formats)

Really, get rid of things
you don’t need!

1. Identify

Your digital material requires continuous management to last.

Where is the…?

Digital data needs mediation

= ?

…make sure that all files and fonts used in the PDF are included in the actual file.
If possible, export and save your document as PDF/A.

If you are using PDF…


Backup DVDs to your archive

Create new folder and give it a descriptive title
Copy the video_ts folder on the DVD to the new folder


Give individual photos descriptive file names.

Use lower case only. Using a consistent case reduces confusion.

Use only letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores in your file names.

Do not have spaces in the file name - this will confuse some operating systems.

If you want your files to be displayed chronologically, begin the file names with their date: yyyy/mm/dd (year/month/day).

Naming & Organizing

1: Identify
2: Decide
3: Organize
4: Save

Strategic Steps for
Digital Archiving

1. Easy access to your material today.
2. Prepare it for safe storage and use
in a longer perspective.

CD-Rs and DVD-Rs are expected to have an average
life expectancy between 10 – 100 years.


Electronic Mail





3 2 1
…and on different storage media.

Levels of selection

How will it be used?

Before you get started..

Other risks



Different kinds of material




Jon Eriksen
Technology and Special Programs Librarian
Who will use the archive?
How much time are you willing to spend?
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