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BBC documentary

Parmveer Dhesi

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of BILL GATES

BILL GATES Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are planning to give away 98% of thier wealth to charity. A reluctant philanthropist Altair 8800 Bill Gates, along side his partner at the time Paul Allen, wrote a revolutionary software called Altair 8800. Windows is microsoft's operating system. In 1995, Bill Gates was pronounced the richest man in the world and held this title for roughly 13 years. Microsoft makes an anual $1 billion a week. Anti trust lawsuit Microsoft had begun a battle for internet supremecy with Netscape. Bill Gates desire to have complete control over the internet has come with distressing consequences. IBM in the 70's, Microsoft in the 90's and now this is Google's decade MICROSOFT GOOGLE One percent of market share in searches aquets to $200 million It has become a race, according to Gates, for advertising revenue between Yahoo and Google. The Cloud Going anywhere in the world and being able to access your information; pictures, email, videos, web content, word documents and spread sheets, etc... Super nerd turn super competitor Google chrome Hotmail google docs G-mail Microsoft Office live Bing Internet explorer Google Microsoft Windows Their power and reputation is solely derived from it's user. VS MICROSOFT COMPETITION CURRENT COMPETITION Paul Allen RELATED EVENT Bill Gates, alongside his partner at the time Paul Allen, wrote a revolutionary software called the ALTAIR 8800 By donating nearly $30 million to charity, Gates is sharing a platform with well-known politicians and even celebrities. The civil actions filed against Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft abused monopoly power on Intel-based personal computers in its handling of operating system sales and web browser sales. wikipedia Warren Buffet is the primary shareholder, chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.
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