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Opportunities & Threats for Center Parcs

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juliette luchinger

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Opportunities & Threats for Center Parcs

1. SWOT Analysis
2. SLEPT Model
3. Social Influences
4. Legal Influences
5. Economic Influences
6. Political Influences
7. Technological Influences
8. Summary Opportunities & Threats
9. Vision for Center Parcs
SWOT Analysis
Environmental Influences
Our vision for the future of Center Parcs related to e-tourism
In 5 years we want
every process
of the digitalized pre-, direct- and post-travelling phase to be
and adapted to the consumer's needs. We want to achieve this by collecting
relevant data
about the customers and their habits and process this data into personalized experiences during all points of e-contact. Our success can be measured against
customer loyalty
repeated online purchases
Opportunities & Threats for Center Parcs
focus on
Consumers want more personalization and interaction
Customers value face-to-face conversations in a world that becomes more and more digitalized (e.g. Facetime)
Customers value and participate in co-creation and rely on word-of-mouth recommendations
Consequences for Center Parcs
All points of contact should be personalized
Face-to-face customer service should be made available through technologies like Facetime or Skype
Social Media presence of Center Parcs should be used extensively (e.g. for complaint handling or customer support)
Privacy Issues - with the personal information of consumers on the internet increasing, more and more privacy issues occur
Consequences for Center Parcs
Finding ways to protect this information, by using security measures
Competitors use e-business as well
Consequences for Center Parcs
Clear distinction from other tourism companies with an online presence
Not every customer might have internet access due to political restrictions
Consequences for Center Parcs
Enable booking processes excluding digitalized transactions
Big data - New ways of collecting customer information
The internet of things
Numerous devices
Increase of mobile use
Increase of ICT possibilities
Geographic location
Consequences for Center Parcs

Customer information can be used to make processes more personalized
Things in the parc (like maps or transportation) can be connected with the internet
Increased use of smartphones and tablets: Apps with specialized booking processes for mobile devices can be created
Real time information and offers can be sent to mobile phones (using location services) as these are increasingly used
Summary Opportunities & Threats
Personalized Services
Face-to-face Services
Data collection
Internet of Things
Personalized web presence
Use of ICT
Privacy Issues
Lack of internet access
Huge competition in the digitalized world
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