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isaac boruchowicz

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of france

socializing france f
creps food french sand wich french baguette and much more clothing woman 500 years ago now

black shoes sweter frnench hood or t shirt
65% of french citizens are roman catholic, 25% atheist, 8% moslem, 1% buddhist and 0.8% jewish. language french Romance language spoken as a first language by about 136 million people worldwide.[1][10] Around 190 million people speak French as a second language,[11] and an additional 200 million speak it as an acquired foreign language family "What is the difference between family life in France and family life elsewhere, I sometimes get asked. Well in truth, much less than you would think.
Eating habits and mealtimes are more formal in France, and it is much more common for families to eat together. But, it is also common for a television to be on in the corner, so the notion of quality time and family bonding is not quite as convincing as you might think.
Food is generally seen as more important, and alcohol as less important, than it in the UK. To explain a bit – there is more focus on the quality of food and drink in France, and less on the quantity.
Two proper sit-down meals a day is a bare minimum – grabbing a quick sandwich is an alien concept, certainly outside the big cities. But that doesn’t leave the French with a terrible obesity problem – quite the opposite. Perhaps two good, balanced, meals and a glass of Bordeaux is less fattening than two burgers, a bag of crisps, a mars bar and three pints of lager. I can’t be sure because I’m not an expert in foody things but it seems possible." 500 years ago now t

l map France is bordered by the following countries: Andorra, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Luxemburg. Exports
The most important export products of France are: Airplanes Wine cars perfume & cosmetics most important export of France name of inventor: Coco Chanel history France used to have may colonies throughout its history. For example: Viet-Nam, The region of Quebec in Canada, the state of Louisiana in the United States and many countries in Africa including Cong and Senegal and Cambodia
kings first king: Hugh Capet second: Charles II last: Napoleon III sports soccer
most famous bicycle race in the world in 1998 france won the world cup most popular fench tennis tournament: the french open france has won many olympic medals in swimming flag blue white and red The royal government used many flags, the best known being a blue shield and yellow fleur-de-lis on a white background, or state flag. Early in the French Revolution, the Paris militia, which played a prominent role in the storming of the Bastille, wore a cockade of blue and red, the city's traditional colors. According to Lafayette, white, the "ancient French colour", was added to militia cockade to create a tricolor, or national, cockade.[1] This cockade became part of the uniform of the National Guard, which succeeded the militia and was commanded by Lafayette. The colors and design of the cockade are the basis of the Tricolor flag, adopted in 1790. A modified design by Jacques-Louis David was adopted in 1794. A solid white flag was used during the Bourbon restoration in 1815-1830, but the tricolor has been used since. KIDS LIFE this is by a kid named alex Bonjour (hello)! My name is Camille Boncour. I am eight years old and I live in Paris, France. Did you know that France is the largest country is Europe? Paris is the capital of France and is also the largest city in my country.

Well, I have to get ready for school. My school starts at 8:00 am and ends at 4:00 pm, with two hours for lunch. My school is closed on Wednesday and I go to school on Saturday mornings. Before school I have a quick breakfast of bread, jam, cereal and cocoa. Sometimes I like to have ham and boiled eggs. Many French adults have cafe au lait, coffee with hot milk, for breakfast. On special days we go to the boulangeries, or bakeries, and get yummy tarts or else we go to the patisseries, or pastry shops, for great pastries to eat. Did you know that in France we consider cooking an art? holidays The most important holiday in France is Bastille Day. It conmemorates the taking of
the prison named "La Bastille" on July 14 1789. This was the start of the french revolution. There is a military parade in Paris to celebrate. Victory Day On May 8. This holiday conmemorates the Allied forces victory in the second world war. the president De Gaulle celebrating France's victory over the germans in 1945 Other holidays are January 1st. New Years day Christmas Day (December 25th). Armistice Day (November 11th.
This day conmemorates the signature of peace
after world war I and remembers all the people
who died or were injured in the war. 10 000 BC Paleolithic age
5000 - 2500 BC Neolithic age
51 BC - 486 AD Gaule
486 - 751 AD Merovingiens
481 - 511 AD King Clovis
629 - 638 Dagobert I
721 - 737 Thierry IV
751 - 987 AD Carolingiens
751 - 768 King Pepin le Bref
768 - 814 Charlemange
843 - 877 Charles II
877 - 879 Louis II
879 - 882 Louis III
898 - 923 Charles III
936 - 954 Louis VI
996 - 987 Louis V
987 - 1328 Capetiens , King Hugues Capets
987 - 996 Hugues
timeline 996 - 1031 Robert II le Pieux
1031 - 1060 Henri I
1060 - 1108 Philippe I
1096 - Contruction of the Basillica Vézelay
1108 - 1137 Louis VI
1130 Construction of the Abbey of Fontenay
1137 - 1180 Louis VII
1180 - 1223 Philippe II
1223 - 1226 Louis VIII
1226 - 1270 Louis IX
1270 -1285 Philippe le Hardi III
1285 - 1314 Philippe le Bel IV
1039 - The Pope moves to Avignon
1350 - 1364 Jean II le bon
1364 - 1380 Charles V
1380 - 1422 Charles VI
1422 - 1461 Charles VII
1431 Jean d'Arc is burnt to death
1442 - Joan of Arc executed at Reims
1461 - 1483 Louis XI
End of the Middle Ages 1486
1483 - 1498 Charles VIII
1483 - 1595 Renaissance period
1498 - 1515 Louix XII
1539 - The king Francois 1st declares French as the offical language of France
1559 - 1560 Francois II, end of the war with Italy
1589 - 1610 Henry IV (murdered by Ravaillac)
1610 - 1643 Louis XIII
1643 - 1715 Louis XIV Roi Soleil
1661 Louis XIV begins the construction of Versailles
1715 - 1774 Louis XV
1774 - 1792 Louis XVI
1778 The American Colonies and France signed this military treaty on February 6.
1789 The French Revolution
Prise de la Bastille the 14th July
The declaration of "Droits de l'homme" 26th August
The wealth of church is given to the nation 2nd November
1792 1st Republic
1793 Louis XVI is guillotined 21st January
1795 France adopts the metric system
1796 Napoleon named as general of the army of Italy
1799 Creation of the Bank of France
1804 - 1814 Napoleon 1
1809 Napoleon takes Moscow
1814 - 1824 Louis XVIII
1814 Restoration
1816 Napoleon defeated at Waterloo
1821 Death of Napoleon 1
1824 - 1830 Charles X
1830 - 1848 Louis-Philippe I
1848 2nd Republic
1852 - 1870 2nd Empire Napoleon 3
1858 The vision of Bernadette Soubrious at Lourdes
1862 Victor Hugo writes "Les Miserables"
1871 3rd Republic
1887 - 1894 Sadi Carnot
1894 The affair Drefus, accused of treason
1889 World Expo at Paris with the Eiffel Tower
1898 J'accuse by Emile Zola
1905 The law seperates the state from the church
1906-1913 Clemenceau
1914 - 1918 World War I
Detailed dates and timeline
1926 Death Claude Monet
1936-1945 Second World War
Detailed dates and timeline
Petain 1940-1944
D-Day June 6 1944
World war II, all in French, but excellent site
1944 - 1946 Charles De Gaulle
1944 April 21st, France finally gives women the right to vote.
1946 - 1947 Leon Blumme
1947 4th Republic
1947-1954 Vincent Henrauriol
1954-1959 René Coty
1959 Fith Republic
1959-1969 Charles de Gaulle
1962 End of the war in Algeria
1968 - May student riots
1969 - 1974 President Pompidou
1969 Frist flight of the Anglo-Fernch Concorde
1970 Death of Charles De Gaulle
1974 Valéry Giscard d'Estaing elected President
1981 François Mitterrand elected President
1988 François Mitterrand re-elected President
1991 Edith Cresson, the first French Prime Minister
1995 Jacques Chirac elected President as the 5 President of the 5th French Repulic
1996 Miterrand Francois dies
2001 Constitution is changed, the President is elected for 5 years (7 years before)
2002 Jacques Chirac re-elected President
2007 Nicolas Sarkozy elected as the 6 President of the 5th French Repulic
Graphs of Climate and Weather: France is located in the Northen hemisphere and has the four seasons. There is perpetual snow in the high mountains in the Alps. In the south of France next to the mediterrenean sea the weather is mild and dry. euro money in france Natural Resources socializing The french people treat each other very kindly. When they meet they kiss each other
on both cheeks, including when two men meet. Telecommunications France has very advanced technology in telecommunications. Two the largest companies in this field in the world are France Telecom ( Orange ) and Alcatel. transportation
France has a very developed transportation system including the fastest train in th world: the T.G.V. It can travel at 200 miles an hour. In France there is train service everywhere. There are also excellent roads in order to travel by car or bus and air service throughout the country. Since France also has many islands including the largest called Corse, there is also ferry service in most port cities.
Age Structure French people don't have many children now. Most people work and when they have children they only have one or two at the most. Literacy Rate France has one of the highest literacy rates in the world. It is 99%
Life Expectancy

Life expectancy in France is 81.5 years. Women live much longer than men. Government
France is a democracy.
The head of goverment is the president who is elected every 5 years. The current president is Mr. Sarkozy. The president can be reelected once. The president selects a cabinet of ministeres. There is also a senate. and a national assembly. Current Events The french goverment announced today that it is giving Greece 40 billion euros in aid.
Some airports in the south-west of France were closed due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland.
The french soccer team is getting ready to go to the World Cup in South Africa. Did you Know?
Did you know that in France you can buy gold covered chocolate that can be eaten without any health problems.
Did you know that in France almost all of the electricity is produced in nuclear plants.
population the poulation is 65.5milionpiopl largest cities

The largest is Paris, then Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice and Nantes. anthem Darkdoby 3 videos Subscribe
anthem Anthem bibliography http://www.wikipedia.org/
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